Sarah Jessica Parker In Sex And The City Style

Sarah Jessica Parker In Sex And The City Style
Sarah Jessica Parker In Sex And The City Style

Video: Sarah Jessica Parker In Sex And The City Style

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Video: Sarah Jessica Parker Breaks Down 10 Memorable 'Sex And The City' Looks | PEN | People 2023, January

Recently, in New York, the shooting of the long-awaited sequel to Sex and the City has finally begun - the director managed to keep most of the main characters of the cult series in the second part of the feature film. Filming "Sex and the City" has already attracted the attention of the paparazzi - the first shots allow you to estimate what the wardrobe of the most stylish heroine of the film, Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessic Parker (Sarah Jessic Parker) will be.

Most consider “Sex and the City” to be a kind of “radar” that marks the latest fashion trends - a whole team of stylists worked on the wardrobe of the actresses of the first part of the film, selecting the most relevant design creations. However, judging by the first shots from the set, the sequel to "Sex and the City" will not succeed in capturing the imagination of the spectators with the unusually stylish wardrobe of the main characters - Sarah Jessica Parker appeared in the frame in extremely unsuccessful ensembles.

In addition to a simple and quite elegant white dress, which in its restraint did not at all resemble Carrie's previous extravagant outfits, Sarah Jessica Parker tried on a lilac dress with sequins and something that pretends to be casual chic: jeans combined with a white sweater, sneakers and beads. Parker's hairstyle is really shocking - a small lush perm.

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