In The March Issue Of The Shopping Guide

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In The March Issue Of The Shopping Guide
In The March Issue Of The Shopping Guide
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Theme of the issue - BEGINNING

March is the first month of spring, the time of awakening from winter sleep and a period of renewal in everything. A new take on brightness - combining fresh pastel shades in a spring wardrobe. Learning the style rules for cutting-edge urban dudes. Testing beauty secrets from the city's leading beauty gurus. We turn to the classics with the history in the interior.

The Shopping Guide offers special conditions for visiting the grandiose Cannes Shopping Festival: exploring the shopping route in Cannes and going shopping. We meet the new spring fully equipped with the Shopping Guide!


In the section "Fashion" we awaken imagination and give in to the will of inspiration. We make a flower arrangement in our wardrobe. We transform sportswear into an ode to femininity. We open the season of sandals in March. Which bag will complement your look? Classic Longchamp or unusual Jil Sander pyramid tea bag? Why is this spring happy to watch the clock, contrary to the popular proverb? Also in the heading: daring solutions for baby spring, futurism and elegance in the image of a new generation athlete and a master class on successful investment in works of watchmaking from our fashion editor Varvara Teplova.


This spring, we create the image of a naughty coquette in everything, right down to the tips of the nails. Experimenting with colors and unusual designs in manicure. We add relevance to natural makeup. We are undergoing express preparation for spring under the guidance of the city's leading cosmetologists. The Beauty section contains a complete must-have palette for a blooming look, a collection of true spring fragrances from the beauty editor of the Shopping Guide, top 5 detox products for flawless skin, and much more.


Which classic style has become a fashionable alternative to minimalist interiors? Why has organic matter in the house become a philosophy of life for those who consciously approach their health? In the “Home” section, we share bright solutions for interior design based on the results of the leading European exhibitions - Parisian Maison & Object and Imm Cologne in Germany.


The best way to start a new life is to do something that you haven't done before. Meet elephants in Botswana? Follow the trail of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Switzerland? Conquering a mountain pass on horseback in Australia? Ideas for an original holiday - in the heading "Lifestyle". For those who are not allowed to get out of the city, Shopping Guide offers to enjoy the gastronomic novelties of the capital's restaurants and test the brave Nissan Juke.

From March 5th, look for the latest issue of the Shopping Guide magazine at branded stands in the most respectable places in the city. Shopping Guide. Shopping inspiration.

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