Shopping Guide February Issue Announcement

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Shopping Guide February Issue Announcement
Shopping Guide February Issue Announcement
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The theme of the issue is CLOSE

In February, the romantic mood rolls over and we want to love, be loved and make each other surprises and gifts. Fortunately, the choice is quite rich - Shopping Guide offers to brighten up the most severe month of the year with everything that your soul asks for: from a seductive outfit made of weightless lace to amazing romantic trips. The main thing to remember is that the secret of a successful gift is the desire to make your loved one happy. Get closer together in February with the Shopping Guide!


The Fashion section contains hundreds of solutions for jewelry declarations of love and the secrets of a modern seductress's wardrobe. With what to effectively combine a transparent blouse - a fashionable weapon of seduction? How to choose an office dress code for a romantic person? What earrings can set an emotional tone for your outfit? How to divide the time for two and choose a watch in the same style for yourself and your loved one? Also in the heading: an ode to joy from the president of the FREYWILLE brand Friedrich Ville, stylish outfit for the conqueror of the peaks, "geographical" gift ideas for February 23rd and much more.


Fall in love with yourself at a glance? It couldn't be easier in February! In the section "Beauty" we find out how spectacular eyelashes should be in the new season and what color of blush suits everyone. We reveal the secrets of the season's most attractive fragrances. We will learn how to independently compose the perfect cream for yourself and why the effectiveness of the products depends on whether it is pleasant to use them.


Why is the Rococo style considered the most feminine in the history of interior design? How can mirrors create the effect of a transition to another dimension, and a traditional rug become the most fashionable thing in your home? What interior details are contraindicated in modesty and inconspicuousness? Read about all this in the "Home" section and pay special attention to the special shopping encyclopedia of the romantic: Shopping Guide has compiled a hit list of gifts for the most discerning people.


Under the heading "Lifestyle" we choose the perfect restaurant for a candlelit dinner on Valentine's Day. We will learn how to cook delicious and healthy beetroot currency under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef of Cafe Manon, Fabrice Salvador. We come up with the most unusual romantic routes for a vacation for two. Enjoy life and the new luxury crossover Cadillac SRX with the Shopping Guide.

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