Shopping In Cannes With The Ya Pokupayu Shopping Guide

Shopping In Cannes With The Ya Pokupayu Shopping Guide
Shopping In Cannes With The Ya Pokupayu Shopping Guide
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The Shopping Guide magazine chain “Ya Pokupayu” and the Individual Tourism Studio “Svoi Lyudi”, with the support of ATOUT FRANCE, invite you to one of the most significant events in Europe - the Cannes Shopping Festival.

The International Cannes Shopping Festival has been gathering connoisseurs of shopping, gastronomy and nightlife from all over the world for the ninth year, constantly surprising even the most sophisticated of them. During the festival, Cannes boutiques offer guests an enticing shopping experience not available at other times - discounts ranging from 30% to 50%. Fashion shows, gourmet dinners, new collections, dizzying parties, special discounts on clothes, accessories and jewelry, a constant glass of champagne at the entrance - all this makes shopping at the Cannes Festival an endless pleasure.

The Shopping Guide chain "Ya Pokupayu" and the Studio of individual tourism "Svoi lyudi", with the support of ATOUT FRANCE, invites their readers and partners throughout Russia to take advantage of a special offer and visit the Cannes Shopping Festival in 2012 with maximum comfort, plunging headlong into their favorite pastime - shopping!

During the day, the Cannes Shopping Festival will take you into the arms of shopping, and in the evening it will conquer you with a seething social life. Guests of the event will enjoy daily fashion shows at the famous Palais des Festivals, private parties in boutiques on the LCroisette, gourmet dinners in trendy restaurants and much more.

During the Cannes Shopping Festival, participating hotels provide special rates for accommodation, as well as invitation and VIP cards that give the right to attend private parties, shows and other social pleasures of life. You can choose a hotel for every taste at an attractive price: from the democratic "three-star" to the luxurious Carlton, Martinez and Marriott.

Especially for the readers and customers of the Shopping Guide "Ya Pokupayu" organized:

  • Convenient flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara and Rostov-on-Don, including business class. The cost of flights starts from 14,000 rubles (depending on the city of departure).
  • Special rates for accommodation in the best hotels in Cannes.
  • Personal shopper services.
  • Unusual experience excursions, including internships on Formula 1 cars, perfume making lessons, gourmet walks and other experiences for the sophisticated.
  • High-quality service from the Studio of individual recreation and tourism "Svoi lyudi".

All options are guaranteed to be available by the code word only from the official partner - Studio of individual recreation and tourism "Svoi lyudi". The code word for all cities in Russia, except for Moscow - Shopping Guide "Ya Pokupayu", in Moscow - Shopping Guide.

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