Shopping Guide September Preview

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Shopping Guide September Preview
Shopping Guide September Preview

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Theme of the issue - NEW

In the first issue of autumn, we try on new collections of fashion brands, visit newly opened boutiques and plunge headlong into an exciting sensation of novelty. For those who are crazy about new products and like to be a pioneer in everything, Shopping Guide presents a special project dedicated to the most significant updates on the city's shopping map. On 6 pages, we have collected the brightest, in the opinion of the editors, openings of the upcoming season.

What colors should take center stage in a fall wardrobe? What should be the image of the man of the new season? What famous statement by Oscar Wilde has found its way into this fall's hairstyles? Why does actress Daria Poverennova love the Salvatore Ferragamo brand? What is the guarantee of a good atmosphere in the house, according to lawyer Ida Dostman? All this is in the September issue of the Shopping Guide.

Also in this issue: a duel between classic and avant-garde office dress code, new beauty routes, the best culinary festivals in the world, test drive Mercedes-Benz 180 and much more.


In the new season, luxury is triumphantly returning to the catwalks: in colors, textures of fabrics and accessories. What to wear velvet things with during the day? How to properly apply a cape this fall - a fashionable alternative to a coat? Should you go for a sleek SoniRykiel shoe or a Givenchy 70s suede boot? Why has the Hublot MP-02 Key of Time watch become a real time machine? Answers in the heading - "Fashion".

Also in the heading: top 5 romantic blouses for every day, fresh style solutions for baby-fall, masterly combinations of trousers and jackets in a gentleman's wardrobe and much more.


The main makeup principle of the new season is drama. What lipstick should be for a dramatic look? How to achieve artistic hair color? How to take care of yourself and maintain your beauty at any age? Read about all this in the "Beauty" section. And also: a hit list of the best stylists in Moscow, a must-have for home care in September, the most effective procedures for recovering from a vacation, and everything about how to prepare for the new season.


In September, under the heading "Home" - everything about eclectic interiors. How to complement the classic home design basis with modern painting or Art Nouveau vases? How to profitably play on the contradictions between the historical and modern approach to interior design? Find out how important accessories are in setting up a personal account and how to turn a space for mental work into a place for relaxation.


In September, it's time to surrender to a new hobby, for example, photography. Should you prefer a classical photography course in Moscow or immerse yourself in fashion photography in London? More details about the best photo schools in the world - in the heading "Lifestyle". And also: a map of European culinary festivals for connoisseurs of gastronomic experiences and unusual routes for sophisticated travelers. From September 5th, look for the latest issue of the Shopping Guide magazine at branded counters in the most respectable places in the city. Shopping Guide. Shopping inspiration.

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