Tatler Magazine's Third Debutante Ball

Tatler Magazine's Third Debutante Ball
Tatler Magazine's Third Debutante Ball
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On October 21, 2013, Tatler magazine gathered the heiresses of the eminent surnames of Russia for their first secular debut. That evening, within the walls of the Column Hall of the House of Unions, young girls performed their first dance at the Ball of Debutantes.

Two years ago, Tatler magazine held its first ball, and this event immediately became one of the main social events of the season. As in previous years, the 2013 Tatler Debutante Ball was held in the Column Hall of the House of the Unions. It was here, in the House of the Noble Assembly, which changed its name to the House of Unions after the 1917 revolution, where receptions and balls, famous among the Moscow nobility, were held.

The main heroines of the evening, girls of the XXI century, relentlessly followed the ballroom traditions of the XIX century. The debutantes arrived at the ball wearing Haute Couture outfits from the world's leading fashion houses and Chanel jewelry. Modern girls drove up to the entrance of the House of Unions in Maserati cars. On this evening, the Bolshoi Theater artists traditionally became the partners of the debutantes. The couples danced the polonaise from the opera "Eugene Onegin" by P. I. Tchaikovsky and waltz No. 2 by D. D. Shostakovich to the accompaniment of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia conducted by People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov. At the end of the ball, the debutantes, paired with their fathers and the guests who joined them, performed "Waltz of the Flowers" by PI Tchaikovsky.

The role of the host of the ball this year was played by Tatler's editor-in-chief Ksenia Solovyova and conductor Vladimir Spivakov.

“In Russia, the concept of 'debutante', which has a very intelligible meaning in Great Britain or the United States, is somewhat vague. I am often asked: "What will the girls debut in?" It seems to me that first of all they will debut in adulthood. In the ability to complete the project and be responsible. It is worthy to present yourself, not to get confused in front of hundreds of demanding eyes, not to let your partner and other girls down. Judge for yourself: to go to Paris, to the studio of a famous fashion house, to try on a Haute Couture dress, to rehearse in the legendary halls of the Bolshoi Theater, to dance to the "live Spivakov" in Chanel diamonds on the historic parquet floor of the Hall of Columns, to give interviews, to be in the spotlight - such once in a lifetime, you certainly need to experience. It's an amazing experience,”says Tatler editor-in-chief Ksenia Solovyova.

Tatler invited girls from the most significant names in Russian culture, business and journalism to the list of participants in the third Ball of Debutantes:

Nanuli Shevardnadze is the granddaughter of former USSR Foreign Minister and President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze, daughter of lawyer Paata Shevardnadze and sister of journalist Sofiko Shevardnadze in Oscar de lRenta dress.

Maria Shostakovich is the granddaughter of the composer Dmitry Shostakovich, the daughter of the conductor Maxim Shostakovich and the founder of the Shostakovich family school in Pavlovsk Marina Shostakovich in the dress of Alexander Terekhov.

Anna Tarasova is the granddaughter of actress Alisa Freindlikh and actor Igor Vladimirov, daughter of actress Varvara Vladimirova in a GiambattistValli Haute Couture dress.

Musya Totibadze is the daughter of the artist Konstantin Totibadze in a Chanel Haute Couture dress.

Nicole Shishkhanova is the daughter of the president and owner of B&N Bank Mikail Shishkhanov in a UlyanSergeenko Haute Couture dress.

Ksenia Liepa is the granddaughter of People's Artist of the USSR Marisa Liepa, daughter of dancer Andris Liepa and founder of the Prime Academy dance school Ekaterina Liepa, niece of ballerina Ilze Liepa in Gucci Première dress.

Ilona Kesaeva is the daughter of the owner of the Mercury holding Igor Kesaev and the owner of the StellArt Foundation and the Commissioner of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Stella Kesaeva, wearing an Armani Privé dress.

Elizaveta Gromova is the daughter of a general, ex-governor of the Moscow region, Boris Gromov, wearing an Albert Ferretti Demi Couture dress.

Alina Tsyganova is the daughter of the general director of Belaya Dacha, Vladimir Tsyganov, and the owner of the Li-Lu showroom, Oksana Bondarenko, in a Dior Haute Couture dress.

Polina Litvak is the daughter of businessman and film producer Michel Litvak and actress Svetlana Metkina in an Elie Saab Haute Couture dress.

Alexandra Maniovich is the daughter of businessman Mikhail Maniovich and owner of Metropol Fashion Group Svetlana Zakharova in a Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture dress.


(From left to right) Ilona Kesaeva, Musya Totibadze, Nikol Shishkhanova, Maria Shostakovich, Elizaveta Gromova, Ksenia Liepa, Polina Litvak, Alexandra Maniovich, Anna Tarasova, Alina Tsyganova, Nanuli Shevardnadze.

Among the guests of the ball were: Alisa Freindlikh with her daughter Varvara Vladimirova, Natalia Ionova-Chistyakova, Yuri and Inna Zhirkov, Yulia Arshavina, David Holberg, Sati Spivakova, Sofiko Shevardnadze, Svetlana Metkina, Ekaterina Liepa, Elena Perminova, Nelly Kobzon, Ninga and Charles Thompson, Maria Baybakova, Ida Lolo and Alexey Kiselev, Mikhail Idov, Olga Karput, Margarita Lieva, Snezhana Georgieva, Anna Zyurova, Ilona Stolye, Natalia Turovnikova, Vitaly Kozak, Irina Chaikovskaya, Natalya Luchaninova, Natalia Aol'den-berg, Alla Verber, Oksana Bondarenko and Vladimir Tsyganov, Svetlana Zakharova and Timur Ivanov, Bozhena Rynska, Anastasia Vinokur and Grigory Matveevichev, Zhanna Romashka, Pyotr Aksenov, Tatiana Zavyalova, Nadezhda Obolentseva, Victoria Shelyagova, Victoria Borisevich Anna and Anton Borisevich Spiridonov,Olga Panchenko, Evelina Khromchenko, Daria Lisichenko, Anastasia Ragozina, Ksenia Chilingarova, Alexander Terekhov, Andrey Artemov, Karina Marchenko, Ekaterina Odintsova, Laura Dzhugelia, Yana Raskovalova, Oksana Maksimova, Irina Chaikovskaya, Elena Likhach, Stella Kesachenko, Iryna Lolodov, German Likhach, Michelle Litvak, Alexey Kalinin, Natalia Maksimova, Victoria Davydova, Anita Gigovskaya, Natalia Zinko and many others.

General partner of the Ball of Debutantes - Chanel Fine Jewelry

the official car of the ball is Maserati.

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