Read In The March Issue Of TATLER

Read In The March Issue Of TATLER
Read In The March Issue Of TATLER
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Rating. "Dual Power": Ten couples who amaze the secular world with their love and loyalty for many years.

Booster racket. New coach, new contract, new life with the groom. The most expensive sportswoman in the world, Maria Sharapova, returns to the court.

Morning Star. Teenager Justin Bieber, who surpassed Lady Gaga in popularity, drove all the girls of the planet crazy with a crazy voice and neat hair.

My world. Irina Khakamada, a politician, writer and public figure, about what is dear to her.

Strangers do not go here. Ten secular clans of the capital: who, with whom, why and against whom they are friends.

It is not your gift that is dear to me, your love is dear to me. Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky and his eight and a half tips on what and how to give to women.

Golden wedding. Miss Ukraine Alexandra Nikolaenko married a billionaire, gave birth to a son and is planning a daughter. This is how girls from Odessa come out as people.

While everyone is at home. Barbara Berlusconi's house in Macherio is a safe haven in the ocean of scandals that surrounded the life of her famous father.

Herringbone. Growing up Tatler heroes got a taste of social life at a fairy ball in the Yusupov Palace.

Seven is zero! In March, designers took a fresh look at denim, suede and hippie 70s prints.

Goal moments. That allows Victoria Beckham to remain the coach of the most beautiful football player in the world for so long.

Your Excellency. Pearls will never tarnish. At least as long as you bring it out together with diamonds.

They dropped Misha on the floor. Actress Misha Barton comes back to life with tATu songs and promises to be a good girl.

A couple of tea. Elena Remchukova is sure: the British five-o-clock was invented for the fastidious Russian tea-brewers.

Intelligence service. Model Bianca Balti does not expect gifts from men - she makes them herself.

The life of others. Maneuvering between tables and secular clans is a special art, Ksenia Chilingarova was convinced.

Under the boot. The year Russia - Italy could have been omitted, says Gennady Iosefavichus. After all, we already live together.

Between them, girls. What singer Florrie Arnold and actress Melanie Thierry smell like now.

I drank it and bought it. The artist Petr Aksenov visited the Art Basel Miami Beach fair and understood why millions are flowing to this shore.

The girls are ripe. The million dollar babies have crossed an important milestone.

Directions. Twelve of the best yoga and pilates trainers.

It boy. Successful developer Kirill Chernov.

March Academy. We greet spring romantically with lace and braided bracelets.

The city is high. In Hong Kong, European traditions collide with Asian money, the sea with the sky, diamonds with squats.

Holy letters. Louis Vuitton dinner at the Spiridonov House.

A million for a smile. For fifteen years Lancome has not lost its face - Ines Sastr.

One in polo is not a warrior. Argentines have turned the aristocratic game into a national sport.

Loyal friends of the girls. Bracelets, rings, watches are under the most reliable protection.

On the ruins of the count. Designer Oleg Cassini dressed Jacqueline Kennedy, almost became the husband of Grace Kelly and managed to leave an inheritance worthy of the battle that goes for him - between his daughter and his secretary.

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