Read In The February Issue Of Tatler

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Read In The February Issue Of Tatler
Read In The February Issue Of Tatler
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To the rhythm of the Shake

Irina Shaikhlislamova, a girl from a mining town in the Urals, found her gold mines on world catwalks. And now Sheik has become. A chance for her was a small announcement at a bus stop in Chelyabinsk: "We invite you to the school's image." Irina went there for the company with her older sister and immediately received an offer to participate in the "Supermodel 2004" competition. She won the competition. Then there was Paris, a lot of ambition and little money. 2007 Irina was chosen as the face of Intimissimi and she ascended to the top of the modeling Olympus. She lives at an insane pace, reads books on Russian history on airplanes, manages to box, does not miss a single vintage clothing store and is in a romantic relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. In February Tatler, top model Irina Shayk appeared in all her splendor.The world famous in the field of photography Roxanne Lowit saw Irina surrounded by gold and diamonds, sparkles and rhinestones, satin and silk.

To others - to see, to show yourself

“Historically, art with a name is the only thing that even money trembles before,” says Ksenia Solovyova, editor-in-chief of Tatler magazine. To prove these words, a rating of gallery owners who decorate Moscow at their own expense is presented on the pages of the February issue. And sometimes at the expense of generous husbands. Fifteen art divas, their achievements, ambitions and, of course, their galleries.

Miracle in feathers

On the staircase of the second floor of the Milan house, a Chanel rug separates two adjacent apartments. One is occupied by the stylist Anna Dello Russo. The second is her clothes. The guest will not immediately appreciate the interior: at first he fades from the shine. Decorations are everywhere, including the hostess. What else can you expect from a girl who cohabits with four thousand pairs of shoes and a couple of hundred tuxedos? During Fashion Week, Anna changes clothes three times a day. She knows for sure that her clothes are at times kurche. More contagious, more modern than everything that walks on the catwalk at this time

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