Electronic Versions Of The Magazine "Atelier"

Electronic Versions Of The Magazine "Atelier"
Electronic Versions Of The Magazine "Atelier"

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JSC "EDIPRESS-KONLIGA" announces a new opportunity for the readers of the magazine "Atelier" - to receive archive issues in pdf format.

Now subscribers of cellular networks of the Russian Federation can download archive numbers of specialized magazines "Atelier". In order to download the magazine "Atelier", readers just need to send a short message to a special number. Details are published on the ModaNews.ru website.

Irina Surovtseva, Publishing Director of ZAO Edipress-Konliga, notes: “For the publishing house, this is another opportunity to distribute publications. Especially for the readers of business publications - Atelier, Fashion Industry, International Textiles - we have organized a new convenient service, because the applied materials published in the Atelier magazine are not outdated. At the moment we offer the first issues of the edition, which are not available for sale. Readers, having sent an SMS with the magazine number to a special short number, receive a unique link for downloading materials on the website of the publishing house ModaNews.ru. This is our first experience of providing readers with information in non-printed form. We hope it will be successful and in demand. I would like to note that some printed original archival issues of the magazine can still be ordered from the editorial office of the magazine.They are sent by regular mail."

"Atelier" is the only applied magazine for those who create clothes, publishing a unique method of cutting according to the universal system "M. Muller and Son."

The first issue of the Atelier magazine was published in January 2001.

The publication covers topics relevant to specialists: fashion trends, practical advice on the technology of manufacturing fabric and leather goods, reviews of fashionable fabrics of the season, the history of the costume and much more.

The materials do not become obsolete for several years and form the basis of the library of fashion designers, constructors, tailors, technologists and other specialists in the garment industry.

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