"Atelier" No. 5/07

"Atelier" No. 5/07
"Atelier" No. 5/07
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In the magazine "Atelier" № 5/07 you will find the latest news from the world of fashion, a unique design methodology according to the universal system "M. Muller and Son”, you will also find ideas for spring decor, interesting facts from the history of Russian costume, an exclusive insert for patterns and much, much more. The main themes of the May issue: 15 secrets of high style, spring decor: bright colors return, the bracelet is the hit of the season

Read in the May issue:

* Attention - new! Library of the magazine "Atelier". A new book “Dress and Blouses. Designing "from the famous series of textbooks on the cutting system" M. Muller and Son."

* Fashion trends. Wild Luxury: 24 Animal Color Outfit Ideas.

* Decor. Spring flavor: rich colors in details and finishes.

* Russian costume. Orlovskaya poneva: poneva swing, poneva with a stitch, poneva-plakhta, poneva without a stitch in the form of a skirt.

* Cutting technique. Creation of patterns of straight classic trousers. Lesson 10: Patterns for trousers with a one-piece belt and a yoke belt.

* Cutting system "M. Muller and Son."

* For women. Vests - special edition! Part 2: vest with curly neck, vest with cut-off cups, vest with wrap, vest with offset clasp.

* For men. Patch pockets: placket pocket, pleated pockets, inner jacket pockets.

* Knitwear. Constructive modeling. Creation of lines for stitching in raglan sleeves along the back and front.

* The evolution of the cut. English traditions in men's clothing.

* Let's discuss! The bracelet is the most fashionable accessory of the season.

* Do not miss! Exclusive pattern insert: 12 original vests.

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