Stefano Patron: World Experience At EFW

Stefano Patron: World Experience At EFW
Stefano Patron: World Experience At EFW
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On April 24, as part of the professional program of the Eurasia Fashion Week, a seminar "Multifunctional stores: a new direction for buyers" by IKKS brand manager Stefano Patrona was held.

According to Stefano, today mass-market is considered very promising in the fashion market, but a new phenomenon is already gaining momentum - bridge-market - fashion at the junction of haute couture and the mass market, a bridge between these two phenomena. “This is a psychological tendency - people want to wear beautiful things, but at the same time they do not agree to pay like for couture,” the speaker commented.

The championship in this segment is still held by French brands, a little less - by Italian and English ones. The peculiarity of the brands of the bridge category is attention to all, even the most insignificant at first glance, details - not only in the clothes from the seasonal collection, but also in their presentation: equipment for placing models in the store, interior, total look - creating children's collections, as well as shoes, glasses, bags and other accessories are all part of the pool of branded products and are strictly controlled.

Fashion analysts have proven that store design influences sales. That is why the attention of the brands of the newly formed segment of the bridge market is focused on the design of their boutiques and corners, including - it is necessary to attract the buyer to the new brand. For the most part, the design of the premises of the bridge market brands is not extreme, but calm, inviting, cozy, thought out to the smallest detail and at the same time in line with the latest trends - with a large number of transparent and frosted glass and plastic surfaces, colored illumination of these surfaces or light penetrating through them … It is very difficult to correctly (so that things are sold) to present the brands of the bridge market segment in a multi-brand boutique - each such brand has its own image philosophy,which cannot be fully broadcast to the consumer and recreated in the interior of a multi-brand filled with things from many brands. In this case, there is a way out for a multibrand - you just need to create a brand corner in your space - a place where philosophy and spirit can be represented not only by collection items, but also by decoration and trade equipment.

Multifunctional stores (concept-stores) are the most promising direction of trade for the presentation and sale of bridge-market arches: collections are updated every two weeks, the sale of the “total look of a lifetime” - from bed linen to perfume and books - all this is also characteristic of the bridge brands. The desire to create (and sell to the client!) Total look in the bridge market is transmitted not only through the creation of collections "from head to toe" and for all occasions, but also by merchandising - frontal hanging of things with a full bow gives the buyer the opportunity to see the whole set, and not disparate models. “In addition to the emergence of brands in the bridge segment, there is another curious trend that is relevant for Russia - most of the brands make sales on children's collections - many parents buy 2-3 items every week, but children's clothing is the most popular product:children grow up, and after a couple of months all these things are not needed, says Stefano. "Thus, children are the main consumers: they already have favorite brands, and they can insist that their parents buy things from these particular brands."

The general result of the seminar was summed up by Tatyana Filippova, General Director of Filigree: “The information conveyed by the Patron to the audience is very important, because here in Russia we need not only to see what we are doing in our store, it is important to see and know the world experience, to evaluate our success, compare and take into account the global experience of the fashion industry."

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