Meet The French IKKS At The Metropolis Shopping Center

Meet The French IKKS At The Metropolis Shopping Center
Meet The French IKKS At The Metropolis Shopping Center
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Pret-porter de lux segment brand.

The average cost of a thing is 150 euros.

The geography of IKKS presence is quite diverse. Stores of the same name are successfully operating in France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morocco and Cyprus, the countries of the Middle East, Hong Kong and the USA.

The history of the IKKS brand began in 1987, and at first the company produced exclusively children's clothing. The women's collection with the IKKS label appeared in 2000, and two years later, IKKS began producing clothes for men. In April this year, at the brand's headquarters in Paris, IKKS will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its women's line.

IKKS style is an unusual combination of authenticity and creativity, comfort and audacity. Clothes and accessories presented in the first Moscow boutique of the brand are addressed primarily to women with an independent character and commitment to casual. In its collections, the brand demonstrates with true French chic how wide and limitless the possibilities of this popular style are. IKKS clothes are perfect for any life situation, they will allow you to look spectacular, but at the same time feel comfortable. Beauty requires sacrifice?! Perhaps, but not in the case of IKKS! The collections of the brand include ideas that are diverse in mood and character, ranging from elegant models for every day to ultra-fashionable items of a sports-urban style. Bags, belts, shoes and underwear with a branded recognizable handwriting,will make the image more complete and concise.

IKKS clothes and accessories are made of high quality materials, mostly natural, with stylish accessories and interesting design solutions. Models are ordered in very small quantities, which makes you feel like one and only.

The first Moscow monobrand IKKS was opened in February this year in the Metropolis shopping center. A small concept boutique of the brand with an area of ​​80 sq. meters is designed in the signature monochrome gray tones with a slight deviation on the details of the color of vintage gold. The center of the IKKS space, in accordance with the brand's concept, has become an antique grand piano, the magic of which emphasizes the lyrical mood of each collection of the French brand.

IKKS boutique, Metropolis shopping center, Leningradskoe sh., 16, 1st floor, tel (495) 514-0968.

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