Contest "Become A Queen" Opens The Way To Model Heights

Contest "Become A Queen" Opens The Way To Model Heights
Contest "Become A Queen" Opens The Way To Model Heights

Video: Contest "Become A Queen" Opens The Way To Model Heights

Video: Contest "Become A Queen" Opens The Way To Model Heights
Video: Become a queen / Subliminal 2023, March

Do you dream of fame, but do not know how to move from dreams to real achievements? The correct solution is near. Participate in contests and win contracts for advertising photography!

MONARCH company announced the beginning of the next contest "Become a Queen". The competition is held every season, and its winner not only receives glamorous prizes (Swarovski crown, designer dresses, beautiful shoes), but becomes the face of an advertising campaign.

In order to participate, you do not need to be a customer, you just need a desire to win and access to the Internet. It's simple. Go to the website and upload your photo. The winner among all the participants will be chosen by a professional jury, which includes not only company representatives, but also photographers, designers and stylists professionally working in the field of fashion

Photos for the competition are accepted until November 25, at the beginning of December the names of the Queen and Vice-Miss will be announced. The awarding ceremony will take place at a solemn ceremony to celebrate the company's 20th anniversary, in Moscow, on December 11, 2010. The General Director of MONARCH Group of Companies will present the main prize in the presence of guests, business partners and the press.

The competition also includes additional nominations.

Two Vice-Miss Charm - the girls who received the most votes on the website - will receive a gift certificate for 3,000 rubles. Two Vice-Miss Elegance - the heroines of the most elegant photographic images - will be determined by the jury. They are also entitled to gift certificates for 3000 rubles.

In addition, each participant of the competition is provided with a certificate for a discount of 500 rubles, which can be sold in any of the MONARCH footwear chain stores in the Russian Federation. The certificate can be used both when purchasing shoes from a new collection, and when purchasing models at a discount.

The winner of the last stage of the competition, which took place in May-June, was Oksana Afanasyeva from Ufa. Oksana is 24 years old, she is an engineer by training and works as a manager in a construction company. Having won the competition, Oksana came to Moscow (at the expense of the company) and took part in the photography for the fall-winter 2010 season. Despite the lack of modeling experience, she did an excellent job - to embody the image of the Snow Queen - unapproachable and at the same time incredibly attractive, feminine.

Now it remains to find out who will be the new queen?

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