The Monarch Company Introduces New Brands To The Russian Market

The Monarch Company Introduces New Brands To The Russian Market
The Monarch Company Introduces New Brands To The Russian Market

Video: The Monarch Company Introduces New Brands To The Russian Market

Video: The Monarch Company Introduces New Brands To The Russian Market

The Monarch group of companies, which owns the MONARCH footwear chain, the largest in Eastern Europe, has signed an exclusive distribution contract with the North American brands Naturalizer, Santan and Steve Madden. These brands hold leading positions in the US and Canadian markets, capturing customers with high-tech design, practicality and a very attractive price.

According to Elena Petrova, Marketing Director of Monarch, North American brands have huge potential in Russia: “Shoes made in the USA and Canada are much more suitable for domestic consumers than European ones. Adapted to climatic conditions similar to Russian ones, it is more comfortable to wear and more attractive in price."

Naturalizer is a well-known brand in the USA, Canada, Asia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc. More than 500 Naturalizer stores around the world offer shoes in the mid-price segment with very comfortable last, feminine and comfortable designs. A unique feature of the brand, which is reflected in the name itself, is environmental friendliness. It is present in materials, shoe-making technologies and even after-wear recycling (unique, completely natural materials are easily recycled and do not harm the environment).

“The Naturalizer brand caught our attention for several reasons. First, its target audience is fully consistent with the target audience of Obuv MONARCH stores. Secondly, one of the advantages of the brand is a wide range of sizes, including “half sizes” and different completeness, which are very relevant for our country and which are not offered by so many manufacturers,”comments Elena Petrova.

The first Naturalizer footwear collection will appear in the MONARCH Shoes stores in August this year. And next year, 2011, it is planned to develop its own mono-brand stores of the brand in Russia and Ukraine.

The Canadian brand Santan interested the Monarch company primarily due to its unique winter collection. In an effort to expand the range of warm shoes, the company's purchasing department specialists drew attention to high-tech boots with membrane lining and water-repellent impregnation, which are in great demand among residents of Canada and the United States.

“We plan to promote Santan footwear through our own network and wholesalers,” Elena Petrova shared her plans. “Russians will be able to buy their first boots of this brand already next fall”.

The Steve Madden brand is fundamentally different from the Naturalizer and Santana brands. It is designed primarily for a youth audience that is attracted by the original style and affordable prices. The brainchild of American designer Steve Madden, the brand is in great demand among those who know fashion and seek to highlight their individuality with bright, stylish shoes and accessories. A characteristic feature of the brand is the frequent change of collections, which are updated every 2-3 weeks. Among the fans of the brand are many Hollywood stars, actors and pop performers of the first magnitude, including Madonna.

Monarch has extensive plans to promote Steve Madden in the Russian market. In September 2010, it is planned to open the first mono-brand Steve Madden stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, and then in other cities of Russia and Ukraine.

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