NAF NAF. Dreams On The Rooftops Of Paris

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NAF NAF. Dreams On The Rooftops Of Paris
NAF NAF. Dreams On The Rooftops Of Paris

Video: NAF NAF. Dreams On The Rooftops Of Paris

Video: NAF NAF. Dreams On The Rooftops Of Paris
Video: NAF NAF : La Journée de la robe 2013 L'événement 2023, March

With its spring / summer 2011 advertising campaign, Naf Naf takes us back to its hometown of Paris.

Hovering over the city streets, Naf Naf offers a new take on their heroines - they are ready to defy danger and dreamily roam the rooftops of Paris. By contrasting day and night, Naf Naf makes her heroines the embodiment of tenderness, femininity and charm.

Ballerina, circus performer or socialite beauty - during the day, in the light of the sun, each of them personifies a visible risk, flirting with danger. Balancing on a rope stretched between two roofs, the girl smiles softly. In a dress of taffeta, lace and tulle, she seems to be only listening carefully to the melodious songs of the returning swallows.

At night, in the moonlight, we see another scene: a girl ran away from a party. Dressed in a beautiful long coral dress, she came to the roof in search of an escaped cat, wanting to hide for a moment from the noise and laughter! Leaning on the chimney, she shines as she looks back over the sleeping city.

The new Naf Naf campaign emphasizes the enjoyment of being yourself, being on your own, stopping time. In the hustle and bustle of the city, the Naf Naf girl lets her thoughts go free. Only by breaking free from the urban rhythm, she turns out to be free and carefree!



This story brings together casual styles - military, safari, retro hippie from the 70s and American-style fashion, combining elements of men's and women's wardrobe (Country Girl).

Colors and materials are natural and subdued.


This theme brings together very feminine tendencies. Products have many details.

The colors are muted, powdery shades, the prints are delicate and delicate. Silhouettes are feminine or highly structural, graphic. Stripes, bows, ruffles, frills, lace and embroidery.


Not as actively represented as in previous seasons. Nevertheless, it remains relevant under the influence of interest in the 60s, rockabilly, the film "Grease". Silhouettes are narrowed and sexy. The colors are bright and simple.

Basic elements: skinny jeans, red.


This theme combines the glamor, retro style of Dolce Vit (50s Italy). Evening and cocktail dresses of caramel shades are widely presented.

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