New Balance Launches Large-scale Advertising Campaign In Russia

New Balance Launches Large-scale Advertising Campaign In Russia
New Balance Launches Large-scale Advertising Campaign In Russia

Video: New Balance Launches Large-scale Advertising Campaign In Russia

Video: New Balance Launches Large-scale Advertising Campaign In Russia
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New Balance Unveils Brand Campaign "Your Time Now"

The campaign is built on the idea that everything really big and important begins with the principle of "here and now" - any significant change requires us to focus on the present moment as much as possible. The heroes of the campaign are world-class athletes - Kawhi Leonard, Sadio Mane, Sidney McLaughlin and Coco Gauff.

The "Your time is now" advertising campaign started on February 27, 2020 with the launch of a video featuring two-time NB champion and four-time All-Star participant NB Kawhi Leonard (NBAll-Star).

This is his show. The idea behind the video is that Kawaii can play against the rules and carve his own path to personal success.

The video was inspired by the athlete's fearless outlook on life, and his philosophy “the game speaks for itself”. This is what makes Leonard one of the best basketball players in the world. Its principles are consistent with the heritage and values of the New Balance brand, Fearless and Independent since 1906.

The start of a partnership with the Finals' Most Valuable Player, NB, heralded New Balance's return to the world of basketball. In late February 2020, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and New Balance Athletics, Inc. (New Balance) today announced that it has signed a new long-term agreement to mark the international sports brand as the NBA's Official Marketing Partner.

After signing with New Balance in 2019, Kawhi Leonard won the championship as the Toronto Raptors NBA Finals Most Valuable Player in OMN1S Basketball Shoes.

After a forced pause due to the risk of the spread of COVID-19, on June 25, 2020, the 2nd video of the Your Time Now advertising campaign is released with the African footballer Sadio Mane, winner of the 2019 European Cup and 2019/20 League title. The plot of the video was inspired by an incredible journey to the real achievements of Manet, with his unprecedented desire to become the best footballer in the world.

He grew up without shoes. Now his boots are made of gold. World champion. People say it is quiet. But he doesn't need to speak to become the loudest soccer player in the world. His game speaks for him!

He is eager to inspire the next generation of footballers around the world with his incredible example, from a boy from the small village of Bambali in Senegal to one of the best players in world football. Obviously, he cannot be underestimated.

The campaign, featuring Sidney McLaughlin, was launched on August 25, 2020. Sydney McLaughlin is an American runner and sprinter for the New Balance team, reigning silver medalist at the 2019 World Championships in 400m hurdles and Olympic champion in 2016.

New Balance signed with Sydney McLaughlin in 2018 after an outstanding year at the University of Kentucky, where she won the NCAOutdoor (National Collegiate Athletic Association) 400m Hurdles title. Sydney has also received two Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year awards.

This year has become unpredictable. The main idea of the campaign is the importance of having the moment, despite the obstacles.

Sydney, as the world's second fastest 400 meter hurdler, is focused on training despite the fact that the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed and it is still questionable whether it will take place. McLaughlin motivates others to achieve the desired results in the future.

On August 31, 2020, a video featuring Coco Gauff was released, which is the fourth episode of the New Balance campaign, which reflects the brand's impact on sports and culture.

This is Coco. They say she is young, but her acting suggests otherwise. And she is ready to lead the next generation.

The youngest tennis player in history to qualify for a women's Grand Slam and the youngest player (both women and men) to qualify at Wimbledon. Winner of three WT (Women's Tennis Association) and Junior Grand Slam singles (2018 French Open) and Junior Grand Slam doubles (US Open 2018).

Coco Gauff, Sidney McLaughlin, Sadio Mane and Kawhi Leonard have demonstrated their individual talents in their respective sports, as well as their desire to use their voices to bring about positive change in the world.

The advertising campaign with the Russian version of the YOUR TIME NOW brand campaign will start on TV, Digital and outdoor advertising campaigns in September 2020.

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