Vilebrequin Spring-Summer

Vilebrequin Spring-Summer
Vilebrequin Spring-Summer

Video: Vilebrequin Spring-Summer

Video: Vilebrequin Spring-Summer
Video: Vilebrequin 2012 Spring Summer Collection Inspiration India. 2023, May

On March 16, 2012, the presentation of the Vilebrequin Spring-Summer collection of swimming shorts took place in the summer-like relaxed, almost holiday atmosphere of the restaurant-bar "Gipsy". Zaza de Brito was inspired by the tranquil atmosphere of India to create a unique, enchanting collection by designer Vilebrequin.

On the eve of the beginning of the warm season, fashion editors of the most authoritative publications and Internet portals in an informal setting were able to enjoy the delights of Indian cuisine and be the first to see trends in men's beach fashion that will be relevant on the most luxurious beaches in the world. The tone of the event was completely dictated by the theme of the new collection, which is based on Indian motives that amaze the imagination with bright colors.

Vilebrequin's Spring / Summer 2012 collection is crafted with an emphasis on indigenous ornamentation and local customs. The designer's subtle observation made it possible to accurately notice and convey the unique methods of making Indian fabrics, the rich flora and fauna inherent in this country, as well as the most ancient traditions, including the use of saris and turbans in national costumes. Playful prints created by the designer harmoniously combine rich colors, and patterns convey the history and life of India.

To create the patchwork-style shorts, the inspiration was the traditional men's headdress - the turban. A sparkling combination of pinks, oranges, yellows, reds and other vibrant colors is characteristic of fabulously beautiful sarees.

From the animal kingdom, Zaza chose the gray langur, a small monkey that lives in almost every temple in India; gavial living in the Ganges and Mahanadi rivers; Bengal tiger and leopard, which live side by side in this country; the common favorite of the blue peacock, and of course the turtle, the main symbol of Vilebrequin.

In India, not only animals are revered, as you know, Hindus consider flowers to be the treasures of nature and associate many traditions and legends with them. Among all the variety of flowers, Zaza opted for the lotus, the symbol of India, and the Indian carnation, which is woven into chamomile wreaths during wedding ceremonies as a talisman.

The color palette of the new collection is based on two main themes. The first is spices, a whole kaleidoscope of shades of saffron, turmeric, cardamom and cinnamon. The second is a dedication to Jadhpur, the "blue city" of Rajasthan, whose houses are painted in all colors of blue and blue, from indigo to turquoise.

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