Vemina Fall-winter 2013-14

Vemina Fall-winter 2013-14
Vemina Fall-winter 2013-14

Video: Vemina Fall-winter 2013-14

Video: Vemina Fall-winter 2013-14
Video: Показ Simonetta Ravizza осень-зима 2013-14 2023, March

The well-known Russian brand VEMINA, created by the talented designer and successful business women Liza Romanyuk more than twenty years ago, has already gained well-deserved popularity both in our country and abroad. Being a prominent figure in Russian fashion, designer Liza Romanyuk adheres to a modern classic style in her work, mixed with a combination of respectability and sexuality. Above all, the designer puts not only a woman's natural desire to be seductive, but also her intellectual need for an individual image. Liza Romanyuk tries to free a woman from the dictatorial influence of momentary fashion, prompting her with original design solutions and helping her find her own much-desired style.

On the eve of golden leaves and snow-white blizzards, the new prêt-`a-porte collection of the VEMIN2013-2014 Fashion House called MY BEAUTIFUL LADY amazes with the elegance of images, bright stylistic finds, the quiet nobility of the autumn-winter palette and an inventive combination of different materials and textures.

The main idea of the collection: smart and sophisticated women - smart fashion! This means that fashion is of high quality, comfortable, moderately seductive and distinguishing from the crowd, but without artificiality and strain - this is the most urgent requirement of today. Stylist Liza Romanyuk coped with the task effortlessly - the VEMIN collection consists of bewitchingly beautiful models for all occasions of everyday and festive life, highly professionally made only from natural fabrics, fur and leather of the highest quality.

The theme of the fur fever is solved with great grace: a luxurious blue mink scarf is tied over a silk quilted vest and tied at the waist with a wide leather belt, creating the effect of a “fur vest”; an evening biker jacket in metallic leather and white sheepskin combined with a maxi skirt in structured chiffon; a knitted cardigan makes an elegant ensemble with a long white mink scarf, woolen trousers and high suede gloves.

And also a fluffy vest made of rex rabbit and detachable high fur cuffs, a quilted silk vest with a silver-brown fox, a burgundy jacket with a Barguzin sable, a beige elongated jacket made of leather and cashmere with gray marten fur and democratic double-face jackets with ferret and arctic fox fur …

Black and white graphics as an axiom of elegance are presented in the collection with the effect of “chicken foot”: elegant woolen dresses, skirts and suits, a white leather jacket lined with wool and a coat with a black and white mink scarf assembled in the same style.

Plastic leather is a universal and enduring hobby, and she always occupies a special place in VEMIN's collections, because Liza Romanyuk began her rapid career in fashion with leather models.

In the new collection, a pearl-mother-of-pearl leather jacket with a stand-up collar made of arctic fox and elongated lapels padded with tone-on-tone silk quilted fabric and a vest effect from the same fabric attracts special attention.

An unbreakable union with a touch of nostalgic sadness is formed by a black jacket made of leather and quilted silk and tight black leather trousers.

There is a lot of genuine leather in the collection - and this is not only jackets, trousers and skirts, but also stylish corset belts, long gloves with wide sockets and various finishing details.

Landlady Tweed never ceases to be a source of inspiration not only for British designers. Liza Romanyuk, bewitched by the tweed theme, found an original solution using the new look style techniques and geometric cut.

A fitted tweed jacket, tied at the waist with a corset leather belt that creates a peplum effect, is equally well combined with a pencil skirt made of jacket fabric, and with a wide maxi skirt made of non-crease structured chiffon.

In the wardrobe of a stylish business woman, tweed sheath dresses and suits-dresses with embossed seams that form geometric shapes, trimmed with narrow fringe from the same tweed, are asked for.

The night is tender Healthy snobbery is still held in high esteem, and evening dresses and ensembles fascinate with their luxury. An interesting detail: almost all models have pockets in the seams, because there is always something to put there!

Perfectly styled: a form-fitting collarless jacket in burgundy-silver silk jacquard with a wide maxi skirt in structured burgundy chiffon.

Semi-sheer chiffon blouses with asymmetrical cut with watercolor floral patterns and a beaded top in gray mesh fabric are feminine and charming.

Black has always been and remains incredibly attractive for evening dresses - it gives the models a special elegance and solemnity. Elegantly black long chiffon dress with decorative fabric inserts embroidered with sequins, bugles and beads; gorgeous dress with a black velvet bodice in a complex relief cut and a skirt in creamy white satin with a floral print; spectacular dress made of black mesh fabric, embroidered with beads in the shape of rhombuses; an original black dress with a bodice made of mesh fabric with sequins and a skirt made of dense silk, the bottom edge of which is cut in the shape of a pattern on the mesh fabric.

How from the Garden of Eden looks like a dress with a velvet bodice and a jacquard taffeta skirt with metallic gold-colored threads, which are woven into huge exotic flowers.

To match the splendor of the festive night, a dress made of silk companion fabrics with a floral print and a fur collar imitation broadtail, as well as a "golden" dress made of flowing silk with a belt richly embroidered with natural corals and beads.

The apotheosis of the fashion show is a luxurious wedding dress in the rococo style with a back that smoothly turns into a lush train. The fabric of the dress is ideal for a winter wedding: a fancy pattern is woven on silk taffeta, like on a frosty window, with metallic silver threads …

The new autumn-winter collection of the VEMIN Fashion House is a great option for intellectuals who want to dress well. She is ideal for an attractive, feminine, delicately feeling nature, who is accustomed, wherever she is, to always catch admiring glances on herself!

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