Vadim Merlis. Spring-Summer Collection

Vadim Merlis. Spring-Summer Collection
Vadim Merlis. Spring-Summer Collection

Video: Vadim Merlis. Spring-Summer Collection

Video: Vadim Merlis. Spring-Summer Collection
Video: Vadim Merlis | Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive 2023, May

Vadim Merlis. Spring / summer 2017: delicate charm

The fourth day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russi season presented to the public a colorful bouquet of fantasies of Russian designers: from cyberpunk to foam from flounces. Some of the things they saw on the podium especially attracted the guests. I suspect that many beautiful ladies would like to have some models of clothes now, without waiting for the onset of the warm season.

You probably guessed that we are talking about the collection "Daydreams" from Vadim Merlis. The image of a refined and graceful girl serves as a creative inspiration for the brand's designer … Therefore, Vadim Merlis dresses his nymphs in delicate, graceful things designed to emphasize their femininity and vulnerability.

“Home, sweet home …” - that phrase that I automatically uttered when fragile young ladies in boudoir dresses of pastel and powdery shades streamed down the catwalk. I must say that many of the works really resembled clothes, in which it is so pleasant and easy to relax at home.

Cozy jumpsuits, similar to sleeping sets; playful suits framed with lace and ruffles in linen style; light dresses with a high waistline, blouses and tops with a print and trimmed with flounces - everything is so calm, delicate and very exciting. I immediately remembered the 18th century with its mischievous vintage things, seeing which, the gentleman lost his composure and went straight to a romantic knockout.

The combination of jackets, embroidered denim backpacks and weightless lace tops and sundresses looked like a real highlight of the collection. Lovely young ladies in such outfits will be pleased to take a leisurely stroll along the edge of the surf or along the cobblestones of some town among gingerbread houses and atmospheric cafes.

As for the men's part of the collection, it was more restrained in details, although it also featured frills and frills on the shirts. On the other hand, the suits were distinguished by a simple cut, most of them were also made in pajama style.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Vadim Merlis prefers to work with natural fabrics that breathe and are extremely comfortable to use.

I noted with particular pleasure that many models from the collection not only evoke thoughts of home rest, but also wake up vague memories of images from fairy tales. Probably, somehow Wendy was dressed that evening when the most mischievous boy in the world, Peter Pan, visited her. And he took him on a journey through a magical land …

But, by the way, in outfits from Vadim Merlis you can not only relax or dream of flying in reality. It is also a great option for an annealing party or social event. The main thing is to play with these things with the right accessories and shoes. For example, a striped jumpsuit will fit both tennis shoes and graceful sandals or stiletto heels.

In general, I must say that the idea of the master's design work was a success in all respects. And the world of fashion has replenished with another collection of clothes, the key qualities of which are versatility, beauty, chic and the absence of patterns. For which many thanks to its creator.

Igor Syuch

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