RFW: Vassa Trend N. York

RFW: Vassa Trend N. York
RFW: Vassa Trend N. York

Video: RFW: Vassa Trend N. York

Video: RFW: Vassa Trend N. York
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The history of the VassTrend N. York trademark began in 1996 in New York. “After several years of working for the world's leading brands such as Anne Klein, Forest America, Calvin Klein,” says Vassa, “it became obvious to me that I needed to develop my own clothing line in order to realize my ideas and approaches to modern urban fashion.” Two years later, the first Vass collection appeared in Russia. And two years later, the first VassTrend N. York store opened.

“Over the years working in New York, I firmly believed that fashion is not only fantasy, creativity and bohemian life. This is primarily commerce. This is correct marketing and cold calculation, flawless production and a well-thought-out sales strategy,”says Vassa.

Currently, eight Vassa branded stores have been opened in Moscow, united by a single conceptual approach to design, interior design and image advertising. And also shops appeared in Riga and St. Petersburg.

VASS presents the collection City Blues autumn-winter 2003/2004 This collection is addressed to both fashion connoisseurs and thousands of followers of the VASSA clothing style. In the fall of 2003, it will appear in the network of VASS branded stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga and other cities of Russia. An elegant urban style is combined with elements and details of sportswear, declaring a certain carelessness and freedom of combination in the presentation of a classic suit. And the emphasized femininity and sexuality of the silhouette are complemented by an impeccable cut and industrial quality of work at the level of the best European brands. The autumn VASS collection uses natural fabrics: cotton, wool, silk and leather made in France, Germany, Italy. “City Blues,” says the designer, “for me is the mood of a big city such as New York or Moscow.

A big city, which, regardless of our will, often influences how we think, how we look, and shapes our style …"

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