RFW Day Three: Young Fashion

RFW Day Three: Young Fashion
RFW Day Three: Young Fashion

On October 18, at Russian Fashion Week, podium platforms were provided to creative youth: the SLAVZAITSEV FASHION LAB project, the CHEKISH brand, marinmakaron moscow, the creative duet YanaStasia, LASCALA. The day ended with a show of the eternally young and stylish, eminent artist, Elena Suprun.

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich has long been combining creative and teaching activities. More than one generation of talented Russian designers are grateful to him for the school of excellence. One of the most famous graduates of his school can be considered Sultanna Frantsuzova.

As part of the ongoing RFW, the master of the domestic fashion industry presented the works of the following designers: Masha Aluyeva, Lana Bilyuga, Lena Kiseleva, Yana Pechorina, Lusine Akopyan, Lyudmila Golovan, Lyudmila Khatlamadzhieva, Maria Tsuman, Alla Belousova, Irina Mam Zubareva, Alexandra Telitsina and Rusia Kobyakov.

Tatiana Chekish, winner of the competition for young fashion designers named after N. Lamanova, presented the CHEKISH brand. Tatiana managed to work with many Moscow clubs, where she acted as a costume designer and organizer of art programs. This time, the CHEKISH brand has pleased with the original interpretation of women's classic clothing.

Marina Macaron has lived and worked abroad for a long time, in London, Philadelphia and Paris. Having absorbed the culture of many countries, the artist realized that her main difference is her origin. With a collection of fabrics inspired by Russian art, the designer offers a collection of cocktail dresses inspired by 60s American student parties.

The famous socialite, Lena Lenina, presented the work of the design duo YanaStasia. The former model, acting writer, and simply, a socialite, approached the matter with the usual scope. Light it up, light it up! Many famous figures were invited to support young talents: Daria Dontsova, Alexander Peskov and many others. Singer Prokhor Chaliapin has become the face of the men's line of the collection, made of stylized Pavlovo-Posad shawls in "pluck your eyes" colors. The entire assortment of clothes, from swimsuits to puffy vests, the authors propose to sew from this symbol of national culture. For those who love it hot, we offer ultra-sexy models, studded with rhinestones, models from faux fur, in the same noticeable colors, with details of the base element.

The atmosphere of unrestrained club fun was supported by dances and gymnastic numbers of the model-dancer to the unfading rhythms of “Boots, yes, boots” and a hypnotizing “protective tunic”, which, as you know, drives you crazy.

Apparently, Moscow will not soon see its favorite, the YanaStasia group, under the leadership of Lena Lenina, can expect a tour of the clubs in Russian cities.

The program of the day's shows was completed by Elena Suprun with a creative report on the work of the Fashion House. In a memorable show, to the accompaniment of a musical female group, dressed in dresses from Suprun, who performed Soviet hits of the 50s in an original arrangement, the whole range of summer women's clothing was presented. Famous clients of the House, such as Tatyana Lazareva, gladly demonstrated stylish trench coats, luxurious silk evening coats with chiffon petals cuffs, elegant capes made of pied de boules (chicken foot), bright printed cotton dresses in the new-look style and luxurious evening gowns in smoky guipure, finely trimmed with rhinestones and crystal. The crowded hall erupted into applause, welcoming the renowned designer, soon already drowning in a sea of flowers.

This is how the third day of RFW was remembered, let's see what the coming day has in store for us.