Fashion House ZAFFIRO. Royal Animals As A Source Of Inspiration

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Fashion House ZAFFIRO. Royal Animals As A Source Of Inspiration
Fashion House ZAFFIRO. Royal Animals As A Source Of Inspiration

Video: Fashion House ZAFFIRO. Royal Animals As A Source Of Inspiration

Video: Fashion House ZAFFIRO. Royal Animals As A Source Of Inspiration
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From 26 to 31 March, Fashion Week will again be held in Moscow. As always, among the famous and beloved Russian designers, as well as representatives of the best European brands, the Moscow Fashion House ZAFFIRO will present its next prêt-a-porte fall-winter 2006-2007 collection called “Royal Flock”. The collection meets the interest of modern people in exquisite furs and textures of exotic (royal) animals.

Pythons, leopards, crocodiles, lions and tigers - "The Royal Flock".

Royal animals are the inspiration behind ZAFFIRO. The collection is based on the color, texture and plastic of the "royal flock". A unique method of printing on the sheepskin material of the Tuscan sheep "Angelo", a laser method of applying a crocodile pattern. Arctic fox, dyed under the African leopard, jacquard Italian fabrics for python and cheetah, as well as a unique, thinnest and most flexible North Italian antelope. Finishing and accessories from black-brown Australian fox, arctic fox, Siberian fox sibodushka, unusually soft Northern Canadian beaver - this is how exquisite and sincere models of the fall winter 2006-2007 collection from ZAFFIRO are born.

"Cruise" - collection spring_summer 2006 (photo)


Enjoyment of life is a global fashion trend.

The collection reflects the desire of modern people for an easy, pleasant life under the slogan "Relax …"

Clothing for "Cruise" is a source of inspiration for ZAFFIRO.

Proclaiming a healthy lifestyle, youth and beauty, it acquires functionality and gives a feeling of comfort.

Coastal cities, starfish and coral, warm sea and sand, evening cocktails, sunsets and sunrises, ripples of sea water, cliffs and night landscapes are associations of the summer season collection.

Coastal cities

The color scheme of the collection is an emerald sea, white sand, deep blue sky, pink hot noon, purple sunset, black silhouette of a night city, smoky architecture breathing history.

Evening cocktails

Fitted raincoats meet the idea of a silhouette of elegant simplicity: single-breasted and double-breasted with two rows of buttons, often tightened with a belt at the waist, with large English collars. Mixed thin fabrics, smooth or wrinkled, are suitable for them. The laconic and lightweight semi-fitted aniline leather trench-cods have also acquired a modern sound.

Olympics are the embodiment of freedom and sporty style, made of satin fabrics and wrinkled silk crepes, giving a flowing dullness to the details. The mood of "Cruise" is felt in the open cutouts of the coat, tiered collars of jackets, contrasting with the general, as a rule, small form.

Warm sea and sand

Fabrics without surface decoration and finishes. Authentic, raw, simple and rustic from natural fibers: silk, viscose, washed denim, plonge leather - they demonstrate the value of nature.

Starfish and corals

The designs of the collection reflect the structure of the inhabitants of the sea, with soft flowing lines, embossed gathers, folds that create color vibrations. Materials undergo transformation, transform, freeing themselves from inertia, awaken to life, illustrating the magical world of the sea.

Ripple of sea water

The texture acquires a third dimension - relief. Cracked, wrinkled, folded, crumpled, bubbling tissue surfaces resemble rocks, moss, bark, corals, sand dunes and stormy seas, light ripples of water.

Information and photos provided by the press service of the Fashion House ZAFFIRO