Yulia Prokhorova. Beloe Zoloto. Fall - Winter 2014-15

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Yulia Prokhorova. Beloe Zoloto. Fall - Winter 2014-15
Yulia Prokhorova. Beloe Zoloto. Fall - Winter 2014-15

Video: Yulia Prokhorova. Beloe Zoloto. Fall - Winter 2014-15

Video: Yulia Prokhorova. Beloe Zoloto. Fall - Winter 2014-15
Video: Показ YULIA PROKHOROVA.BELOE ZOLOTO на Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia осень-зима 2014-15 2023, December

In that month of May, in that month of mine

there was such lightness in me, and, spreading above the ground, the

weather attracted me to the airiness.

I was so generous, generous

in the happy anticipation of singing, and with the frivolity of a

goldfinch, I dipped feathers into the air …

YuliProkhorov "Euphoria" limited edition

For the first time in the framework of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fashion House YuliProkhorova. Beloe Zoloto presented its first fall-winter 2014/15 clothing line - YuliProkhorov "Euphoria" limited edition.

To create the collection "Euphoria" the designer was inspired by the "Summer Garden" of St. Petersburg, one of the unique places where the spirit of Peter's antiquity is still felt. The scenery on the podium was a miniature of the first garden ensemble of St. Petersburg with its majestic columns and famous arches, with its sculptural groups, busts and marble statues of the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

The heroine of the collection is a girl hurrying through the Summer Garden from the first date, mischievous lights shine in her eyes, she is almost in love and is beautiful. This is a woman. Real woman. And this winter is special for her.

The mood of the "Euphoria" collection evokes intoxicating lightness, weightlessness and innocent sexuality. Classic silhouettes that emphasize femininity in primordial Russian details: fur mittens, voluminous braids, puffy petticoats, boldly add elegance to every look.

Silhouettes and symbols of the past are clearly visible in the collection - the whiteness of snows and furs, snow-white lace of cashmere, sweet naivety, blush on the cheeks and a juicy berry kiss in the middle of the Russian winter … age.

The color palette of the collection is concentrated in delicate, powdery shades, as well as shades of creamy ice cream, which add a special elegance and luxury in the fall-winter 2015 season.

The main theme of the soundtrack of the show "Euphoria" was a poem by the genius Soviet poet Bella Akhmadulina.

In the era of the St. Petersburg atmosphere plunged: Alexandra Fedorova, Victoria Lopyreva, Alexander Rogov, Anna Russka, Victoria Bonya, Andrey Chadov, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Tina Kuznetsova, Anna Dubovitskaya, Snezhina Kulova, Anastasia Grebenkina, Antonina Shapovalova, Ekaterina Fomintsova, Mit. others …