Lena Vasilyeva's New Collection At Fashion Week In Moscow

Lena Vasilyeva's New Collection At Fashion Week In Moscow
Lena Vasilyeva's New Collection At Fashion Week In Moscow

Video: Lena Vasilyeva's New Collection At Fashion Week In Moscow

Video: Lena Vasilyeva's New Collection At Fashion Week In Moscow
Video: LENA VASILYEVA. FALL/WINTER 2013-14. 2023, May

The new collection of the LenVasilyeva fashion house, which conquered the public in March this year with bold and original models for autumn-winter, sets the fashion for femininity and elegance, subtly emphasized in stylized images close to the 70s.

Lena Vasilyeva reports: “When creating models for inspiration, I made a selection of fashion magazines from the 50s and 70s, using which we studied the features of the cut and silhouette of that time, but these are still not the seventies - they will be in the winter collection. In the meantime, this is "preparing the ground" for people to get used to - to such a length, to such silhouettes …"

The leitmotif of the collection is the length of the midi and maxi skirts. This trend, which has been gaining strength in recent years, has always been one of the characteristic features of LenVasilyeva's corporate identity, and it will find its full expression in the brand's winter collection. The colors of spring-summer models are mostly pastel: beige, peach, coffee, gray-pink, “warm” white and unexpected emerald green.

At the show, the exits will be conditionally divided into three parts: elegant "daytime" fashion, cocktail and evening dresses. The woman for whom the collection was created is smart, independent and cheerful, at the same time calm and confident, radiates dignity, respectability and a positive mood. She wakes up in the morning, puts on a dress and lives an unusual day full of various and bright events. Outfits allow her to feel confident and comfortable in any environment. The day ends with a sumptuous evening in a friendly company, followed by a serene night. And now a new boundless day is coming, filled with sun, sea, light, wind, greenery, sand - great summer happiness.

“The main feeling for me personally from the collection is balance. Unlike previous works, here I completely abandoned reflection, some kind of manifestos. This is such a "light": simple life images, calm, harmonious lines. As always, perfect fabrics and cut, sophisticated silhouettes, emphasized respectability, and at the same time a real sincere positive ", - the designer comments.

By the way, the models for the defile were selected according to the same principle: the ability to convey a subtle positive play of the created images through their own inner world, look, posture.

As for the materials, they are selected so as to respond to any whims of nature: the predominance of lace and transparent fabrics, crepe, thin "summer" wool, flax with a metal coating, etc.

The buyer of the LenVasilyev brand is a successful and active woman who accepts herself as she is and enjoys the peculiarities of her figure. The versatility of the products allows girls of model appearance and women with forms to wear them equally effectively. Models are created for everyday life and special occasions, as comfortable, bright and unique as possible.

We invite you to the LenVasilyeva show, which will take place on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 18.30 on the White Podium in Gostiny Dvor at the address: Ilyinka St., 4.

At the end of the show there will be a press briefing by fashion designer Lena Vasilyeva.

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