Lena Vasilyeva: "This Is Not The 70s, But Already The Transition To Them"

Lena Vasilyeva: "This Is Not The 70s, But Already The Transition To Them"
Lena Vasilyeva: "This Is Not The 70s, But Already The Transition To Them"

Video: Lena Vasilyeva: "This Is Not The 70s, But Already The Transition To Them"

Video: Lena Vasilyeva: "This Is Not The 70s, But Already The Transition To Them"
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Russian fashion weeks are not far off, designers are actively preparing - and, of course, keep their collections secret. Today I visited the showroom of Lena Vasilyeva, who agreed to slightly open the veil of secrecy over the spring-summer 2011 collection, which will be shown at the Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow.

Naturally, the collection has not yet been finalized, as well as the date of the show has not been determined (it will be October 22 or 24), but the concept and image itself is there. “This is not the 70s yet, but already a transition to them,” Lena explains. - “When creating models for inspiration, I made a selection of fashion magazines from the 50s and 70s, using which we studied the features of the cut and silhouette of that time, but still this is not the seventies - they will be in the winter collection. "so that people get used to - to such a length, to such silhouettes …"

This length is midi and maxi, which again regain their positions in the fashion world. The collection of the LenVasilyev fashion house at Moscow Fashion Week will be conditionally divided into three blocks - just by the length of the skirts: the classic midi length - one palm or two below the knee, ankle length and the classic maxi - to the floor. Among the dresses "to the floor" there will be those that will probably be mistaken for weddings, although a tight-fitting lace and fitted white with a wide skirt and a voluminous collar on an "American" top - they are both created as evening dresses, and Lena plans to play with them with the help of accessories so to make it clear.

There will be almost no prints in the new collection, but there will be lace and transparent fabrics. All fabrics, naturally, are foreign - this is not a whim, but a necessity caused by the real state of affairs in the textile industry. The other day, Dasha Gauser wrote in her blog about the difficulty with which she chose fabrics for the new collection, and in the end she still bought imported materials, although she would like - Russian ones. “There are simply no Russian fabrics,” Lena Vasilyeva explains. - "There is poorly dressed linen and linen cotton."

Lena's favorite crepe, thin "summer" virginia wool, lace, linen with silver plating - the fabrics for the spring-summer collection were chosen taking into account, among other things, different weather, up to the same heat as this year. Under the most transparent tops and dresses on models, most likely, there will be bodysuits - bare breasts or short combinations distorting the proportions of the figure disappear.

There will be one more block in the collection, but it is not even in the photos from the fitting - this is the main secret. "It will be based on pleating", - the designer reveals the curtain of secrecy. - "And we do not take ready-made, but we make pleated fabrics ourselves, with folds of the width we need. Draperies and pleats are very beneficial techniques, they allow you to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of a non-model figure."

Creating clothes not for models, but for adult women with leaning forms, is the main task of the designer. “First of all, I always ask myself what I will wear myself,” Lena admits. - "The workshop sews for a start on standard demonstration sizes, on models, often our seamstresses do not have time for me, so I try to twist myself so that the clothes are universal and fit perfectly both on slender models and on women with a figure."

The collection will consist of almost only dresses, but without exception - nowhere. "There will be trousers," Lena smiles, "Only in them it will still be necessary to identify the trousers, it will be possible only when walking … We will try to beat everything in the show so that everyone can see this interesting moment."

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I’m personally already intrigued - I really love various design solutions on the topic of pants, which at first glance do not seem to be such, and I want to see what Lena Vasilyeva created. It's not long to wait - only two weeks are left before Volvo Fashion Week …

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