Summer Dress Code

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Summer Dress Code
Summer Dress Code

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1. Tights

Summer is a time of collective insanity. Starting from the first days of May, you must look like summer, that is, as if you are going to a picnic. Even if the weather is clearly "not whispering", no black tights. Only cropped trousers can save.

If your choice fell on open sandals, then you can no longer wear any tights on "bare feet". But in Paris, you can be forcibly taken to the store for bodily tights - according to etiquette, you are not supposed to walk with bare legs, if, of course, you are in a place where etiquette is observed.

2. Perky summer suits

Such suits are very helpful in the summer. They are always relevant and provide many options when completing with other clothes.

3. Sunglasses

If your self-esteem does not depend on the label on the plastic ear hook, then you can afford the most incredible offers of mass fashion stores at joyful prices and not limit yourself in their number.

4. "Harem" pants

Yes, they may look a little ridiculous, but they are at the height of fashion. By ignoring them, you will not be among the original dressed people this summer.

5. Maxi dresses

Surprisingly, the higher or lower the hem of the dress rises or falls in relation to the knee level, the less comfortable it is to wear the dress. However, it should be borne in mind that maxi has one advantage: you can not strain about endless depilation of legs, as does Angelina Jolie.

6. Sandals or clogs

The popular, last year, gladiatorial sandals with their countless leather straps, an alternative has been announced this year - shoes with wooden soles, clogs. These shoes are better suited for hot weather.

7. Swimwear

When shopping for a new swimsuit, the only sensible solution is to clear up your clouded mind with images of promotional beauties in bikinis. You should only choose the one that is suitable only for you.

8. Ethnic motives

Ethnicity is a sacred spell for those who are too serious and wear jewelry worthy of exhibitions in museums. Women who demonstrate their love for original jewelry have already proven their evolutionary superiority over those who wear only diamonds. Designers' suggestions in ethnic style are another weapon in this struggle.

Here are some summer dress code rules that can help you look good this summer.

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