All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Seliger-2013"

All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Seliger-2013"
All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Seliger-2013"

Video: All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Seliger-2013"

Video: All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Seliger-2013"
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The All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Seliger 2013" opened on July 15, on the shores of Lake Seliger. About 5,000 young entrepreneurs, cultural figures, utilities, athletes, healthy lifestyles, innovators, volunteers and journalists will take part in the Youth Projects Forum, the largest Russian forum aimed at training young professionals in leading fields, for one week.

Within the framework of the work "Seliger 2013", the participants of the "ALL HOUSES" shift opened an Operational Headquarters for solving problems of housing and communal services.

The opening ceremony of the housing and communal services headquarters was attended by: Russian Education Minister Dmitry Livanov, Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Sergei Belokonev, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Alexei Volokhov, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Yuri Saprykin. At the opening ceremony of the headquarters, Dmitry Livanov, instead of a ribbon, solemnly cut a plastic pipe symbolizing the housing and utilities industry.

"Headquarters for solving problems of housing and communal services" at the "Seliger" forum is a model of real headquarters that successfully work at universities in 20 regions of Russia.

“Seliger is a fairly large Forum, with an extensive infrastructure, and naturally some everyday problems arise. The task of the headquarters is to help the forum participants, teachers, and organizers, in the prompt solution of emerging issues and problems. Since the opening of the headquarters, more than 100 problems have already been recorded. So, today the participants of the forum turned to us about cleaning the territory, charging phones, renting a staircase,”commented Ivan Petrin, head of the ALL HOUSE shift.

С началом самого главного молодёжного события лета участников "Селигера 2013" поздравил руководитель Федерального агентства по делам молодёжи Сергей Белоконев: "Поколение ветеранов Великой Отечественной войны принесло миру свободу, поколение наших отцов освоило Космос. Здесь, сегодня, на "Селигере", перед вами стоит задача решить, что завтра Россия принесёт всему миру. Я вижу здесь перспективную сборную России!"

Participants of the “Innovation and Technical Creativity” session, who organized the Day of Technoparks at the “Seliger 2013” site, were transformed before our eyes. At the entrance to the educational tent, one could see young people in robotic costumes, luring members of the forum to a lecture. Such a PR move gave immediate results: the vip-lecture "Mechanisms for increasing the efficiency of technoparks aimed at supporting youth innovative projects" gathered participants from various directions, who were happy to hear about the latest developments of young Russian scientists.

On the first day of the Seliger 2013 Forum, the "Exhibition of Young Millionaires" also opened, and the volunteers of the "Technology of Good" project held events for orphans from the orphanage in Ostashkov, together with Fedor Emelianenko and psychologist Natalia Tolstaya.

In 2013, the Seliger Forum is distinguished by a variety of formats and venues where young people can go through a unique educational program, demonstrate their talents, find like-minded people, and receive public and state support. Within the framework of "Seliger 2013" there will be 3 forums - the Forum of Youth Projects (July 14-21), the Business Forum (July 21-28), the Civil Forum (July 28 - August 05).

"Seliger-2013" was opened by the Forum of Youth Projects, which takes place from 14 to 21 July and brings together 5000 participants in 8 shifts:

The session "Innovation and Technical Creativity" will provide young inventors, designers and future engineers with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their talents, find like-minded people, meet with experts and mentors of the venture capital market, and receive grant support for their projects.

The meeting "Youth Entrepreneurship" is a meeting place for the future business elite of our country, where young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to get acquainted with advanced technologies for effective organization and business development, and receive support from companies - leaders of the Russian economy.

"ART-Kvadrat" will unite all the most advanced trends in youth art. ART-Kvadrat is not just a shift - it is a cultural festival and an educational center within the framework of one program, at one site. Poets and musicians, artists and filmmakers will attend unique master classes by recognized masters of modern and classical art, as well as have the opportunity to hold their own exhibition and present their works to the public.

All Houses are ideas, projects, technologies and a desire to change our world, to make it better. These are several hundred of the most powerful teachers from all over the world, dozens of the largest investors-businessmen in the housing sector, ready not only to share their experience, but also to support the best projects from all over Russia.

Fitness session "Run after me" is a unique platform that accumulates all the necessary healthy lifestyle programs in order to enter the fitness regime in one week and start leading a healthy lifestyle. As part of the shift, the "Run After Me" project will teach each participant to understand proper nutrition, prepare tasty and healthy meals. During the fitness shift, each participant will undergo a series of effective workouts that will bring their body and spirit into shape.

The purpose of the Information Flow change is to support talented young journalists, bloggers and media content creators. Lectures and master classes by the gurus of Russian journalism will allow future sharks of the pen to immerse themselves in the profession.

The change of "Team 2018" on the eve of large-scale sports events - the Sochi Olympics and the 2018 FIFA World Cup - organizes at the forum the training of sports volunteers and managers of sports events to replicate exciting and spectacular events in the regions.

"Technology of Good" - will unite the most caring participants - volunteers and civil activists will be able to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in conducting volunteer activities, as well as present their regional projects.

Within the framework of the Forum of Youth Projects, a grant competition will be organized, during which the authors of the best ideas will receive financial support for their implementation.


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