Young Designers Will Gather At Seliger Again

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Young Designers Will Gather At Seliger Again
Young Designers Will Gather At Seliger Again

Video: Young Designers Will Gather At Seliger Again

Video: Young Designers Will Gather At Seliger Again
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Within the framework of the Art Parade section, from July 1 to July 9, there is again a place for young fashion designers in the Seliger youth camp. In addition to contemplating the indescribable beauty of Seliger's nature, you will have the opportunity to visit the educational program of the forum:

The educational program of the FASHION direction of the ARTPARAD change of the Seliger 2011 Forum is aimed at forming a new generation of fashion industry professionals (fashion designers, designers, constructors, fashion photographers, stylists, editors of main magazines, etc.) During the course, participants will be given the opportunity to gain knowledge in such areas of the industry as:

- Specificity of building a fashionable silhouette, - Forming your own unique style, - Getting into trends, - Creating and developing a brand on the market, - Working with the media, - Forming the perception of the fashion industry through music, photo, video and performance.

- Fashion as a way of life.

The course is designed for couples, starting with a basic course (design, patterns, sewing) and ending with drawing up an economic plan for the development of a brand from scratch to its entry into the international market. In order to share their experience, professionals in their field will be invited.

Criteria for the selection of participants in the FASHN direction:

- the presence of a collection "S / S 12" of at least 5 items and a positive review by a buyer (a specialist who is engaged in the selection and purchase of collections for boutiques and stores, planning supply volumes, delivery schedule and financial planning) or a fashion designer.

- Review of the dean of the faculty and participation in the specified competitions

- Review of honored workers of the industry (the list is attached)

- Essays

- getting into the short list of the specified competitions and events:

1. Paris Womenswear Fashion Week, 2. Milan Fashion Week (Milano ModDonna), 3. Mercedes-Bens New York Fashion Week, 4. London Fashion Week, 5. CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund, 6. Russian Fashion Week, 7. Volvo Fashion Week, 8. Fashion Provocation, 9. Russian Silhouette, 10. Fashion Textile City, 11. AurorFashion Week

12. Admiralty Needle, 13. Russian Seasons

14. Velvet Seasons in Sochi, 15. "Red Dress", 16. "Fashion Designer of Siberia", 17. "Fashion KIDS 2010", 18. "STAR OF THE EMPRESS", 19. "Podium", 20. "Couturier of the Year", 21. "Donskiye Zori", 22. "Exercise", 23. "Golden Thimble", 24. "FASHION TEXTILE CITY", 25. "Face of the Future", 26. Lviv Fashion Week, 27. "New Wave", 28. "Provincial Style", 29. "Pattern on the T-shirt", 30. "Moscow debut", 31. Collection Premire Moscow, 32. Fashion Awards "El Bot'n", 33. Competition F5 JeansMaster, 34. "Special fashion", 35. "GOLDEN WOODEN KNIFE", 36. "Volga style ", 37. Ural Fashion Week, 38. GRADUATE ART & FASHION WEEK Internationa, 39." JEANS RUSSIA ", 40." Style of the Black Earth Region ", 41." Moscow Contest of Young Fashion Designers ", 42." Magic of Style ", 43. Fashion Designers Competition named after … Nadezhda Lamanova, 44."Defile on the Neva", 45. “CadmeVictoria”, 46. “Well Fashion”, 47. “White Amphora”, 48. “Baltic Breeze 2009”, 49. Fashion Assembly, 50. Camel Freemotion Fashion, 51. Camel Urban Wave Fashion


53. “Design”

54. Eurasian Fashion Week, 55. “Dress of the City”, 56. Sunday up Market

57. “New Style”, 58. “Fashion World: Catwalk and Street. Russian style ", 59." Union of fashion designers of the Volgograd region ", 60." Competition of alternative fashion in Kharkov ", 61." First flight ", 62." Siberian couturier ", 63. Competition for young fashion designers from Domus Academy (Milan), 64. "Russian couturier", 65. IN FASHION ", 66."Ferry", 67. Ambiente Russia, 68. Night of Museums, 69. Alexander Vasiliev's Volga Seasons, 70. Hyeres 2009.

71. International festival of creativity "GRACE OF FASHION". Dalian, China

72. Mexico Fashion Week

73. ChinFashion Week

74. Ukrainian Fashion Week

75. LG Fashion Week

76. "Full FASHION Show"

More information about the event can be found on the official website of the forum

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