S7 Airlines - A New Image Of Siberia Airlines

S7 Airlines - A New Image Of Siberia Airlines
S7 Airlines - A New Image Of Siberia Airlines

Video: S7 Airlines - A New Image Of Siberia Airlines

Video: S7 Airlines - A New Image Of Siberia Airlines
Video: S7 is a new image of Siberia Airlines 2023, March

On February 15, the final fashion show of the contestants for the development of a new S7 Airlines uniform - a new image of Siberia Airlines - took place.

The rebranding of one of the largest airlines in the country, which began in 2003, has reached its final stage. Last year, for the first time in the history of the Russian world of fashion and aviation, the Airline's management announced a tender for the development of a new uniform for the airline's employees among domestic and Western fashion designers.

The new uniform had two main requirements: to match the style and spirit of the airline's new image, and to be comfortable and practical in operation. Each item in the wardrobe of an airline employee should not only be stylish, but also withstand sudden changes in climatic conditions, dozens of dry cleaners, etc.

As part of the task set before the designers, all participants could offer their own vision of how the representatives of the airline and the flight attendants of the company's new bright green airliners should look.

From the applications received, 3 concepts for creating a new S7 Airlines uniform were selected, which made it to the final.

The first was presented by the main rebranding partner of Siberia Airlines - the British company Landor: a combination of classic style and modern fashion trends. The British made a special emphasis on accessories: bright green belts for flight attendants, juicy scarves and stewardess shoes, a complex silhouette of a hat.

The second option is the avant-garde Ostengruppe, who developed the design of the uniform of the Russian Olympic team for the future 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. The designers of this bureau were attracted by the freedom and breadth of creative thinking. In the line of outerwear presented by Ostengruppe, there were obvious motives of the military style: tight leather belts at the waist, stripes on the left shoulder, dark gray. The costumes of the crew members themselves were made in bright green and purple tones.

Of the young Russian designers, Sergei Sysoev deserved special attention, the third to present his vision of the aerial uniform. He proposed the concept of sketches that was closest to the general idea of the company's rebranding, focused on simplicity, practicality and new trends in the Russian fashion world. In the presented collection there were many tight-fitting knitted models, which is quite natural, because they call Sergei Sysoev.

The finalists' collections were shown on February 15 at the ZebrSquare club-restaurant. The evening was attended by the top management of Siberia Airlines, flight attendants and representatives of the company who came from different cities of Russia and abroad, designers participating in the tender and invited guests. After the show, everyone was greeted by a buffet table in branded green and red colors, and the models entered the hall right in the clothes that were presented on the podium. Thus, all the guests of the evening had the opportunity to view the collections presented by the designers.

A few days after the show, the winner of the competition was announced. It was the world famous Landor company, one of the world leaders in the creation and promotion of brands. The new models will soon be seen on the employees of the airline and the crew members of the new S7 Airlines airliners!

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