Be Stylish? Easily

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Be Stylish? Easily
Be Stylish? Easily

Video: Be Stylish? Easily

Video: Be Stylish? Easily

On July 9 and 10, the Metropolis shopping center will host a joint action by the Institute of Reputation Technologies Art & Image and the Ipekyol store

Do you want to feel like a successful and confident woman?

Do you want to always look stylish and elegant?

Then we are waiting for you on July 9 and 10 at the Metropolis shopping center in the Ipekyol store!

Only this weekend, the image makers of the Art & Image Institute, the best institute in Moscow in the field of reputation technologies, will help you choose the image in which you will be irresistible!

These days you will be able to:

• consult with professional image-makers and get valuable advice regarding your type of figure absolutely free of charge;

• pick up several sets of clothes for all occasions.

All buyers will receive coupons for a free visit to one lecture of the Faculty of Imageology at the Institute of Reputation Technologies Art & Image! And remember: being stylish is easy!

See you at the Ipekyol store!

Reference information:

Shop "Ipekyol", the flagship of the Ayaydın-Miroglio Group corporation, creates its brand based on a high but attainable image. All models feature a feminine look of a confident and successful woman. Ipekyol is one step ahead with high quality and design. Along with an extensive network of stores, architectural design, interior decoration, and the use of visually attractive technologies such as advertising and display of goods in the shop window, Ipekyol offers high quality services that exceed service standards in Turkey. Possessing a high brand value and a beloved, positive image, the products create an intimacy between the consumer and the brand.

Institute of Reputation Technologies Art & Imageworks under the patronage of the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. The field of activity is additional business education, the provision of broad services in this area - from additional professional education to courses in image, merchandising, management and PR. With 15 years of experience in the field of education, today Art & Image is the leading institution for continuing professional education in Russia. More than 200 graduates graduate from Art & Image every year. The Art & Image Institute is one of the first Russian institutes to teach its students methods in the field of imageology and reputation technologies.

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