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Video: Ruslan Tatianin. Stylist SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL

Video: Ruslan Tatianin. Stylist SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL
Video: NEW VIBRANCE Schwarzkopf Professional 2023, March

On a cloudy winter day, the Patriarch's Ponds are deserted. Ruslan stands on the ice, resembling an outlandish bird, and steadfastly fulfills the photographer's requests, despite the cold and never ceasing to joke. A mossy lumpen approaches him: "Be so kind, render assistance to the creative nature." Ruslan himself can talk endlessly and enthusiastically about creative people - actors, directors, stylists. It seems that he lives in a parallel world of creativity, where people are beautiful, feelings are refined and where everything is possible under a small condition: desire and mastery of a profession.

For the first time, the question of what to do, arose before me after the eighth grade, when I decided to quit school.

Why did you decide to quit?

I was bored there, and I understood that the teachers did not like me very much. Although I was not a boor, did not break windows, did not smoke or inject, but I was, as they say, a lot. If during the lesson the teacher was not interested or weak in attracting attention to himself, I subconsciously read it, and after five minutes the whole class was looking not at the teacher, but at me, entertaining everyone on his back desk. Now that many years have passed, and I myself teach, I already understand how such a manner infuriates me. Although adults, established masters come to me with their emotions, worldview, all people, I hope, are extraordinary. It is already difficult to communicate with an artist, and even more so when there are 20.50 artists. Therefore, misunderstanding, lack of interest, the position “I know everything, I’m a fool myself” distract and interfere. Then a person needs to be explainedthat one cannot walk with such an imaginary sign, because sooner or later he will regret it.

How can I explain it to him?

I can say one thing: if a person does not want, no one will force him to do anything, let alone study. Nobody drove him to me by force, moreover, the seminar costs quite tangible money. Therefore, I note a number of factors for myself and see whether a person is looking at me with interested eyes or is hovering somewhere. And if by the second day, when we are practicing the techniques, I see that he has not been infected, I try to understand why. Either he does not like the profession itself, or he never did it or did it, but "by obligation", and this experience was unsuccessful, which formed a defensive reaction: they say, I will not do anything. Hairstyles for long hair - my main specialization is a separate area, developing, insanely interesting, giving the opportunity to express myself and use any technology. And I myself, teaching, all the time learning something new for myself. Therefore, you can always "not enter" and leave, but maybe one amazing master will then be less.

But back to your youth. How did you look for yourself?

I studied in ninth grade for two months, it was a golden autumn, and the fact that I had nothing to do at school was understood not only by the teachers, but also by me. I followed the path that, by the way, was chosen by many famous hairdressers, first studying to be a cook. I am a pastry chef, I graduated from college with honors.

Why confectionery?

Because in the rest of the places the enrollment is over. (Laughs.) In fact, I had some prerequisites for this. Moreover, this school was located in Biryulyovo, not far from the town of Vidnoe, where I lived. But, having received my diploma, I already knew that I would never work.


Because I realized that there is a profession that really interests me. It was in 1994, and I learned that besides the profession of a make-up artist or a hairdresser, there is a profession of a stylist. The industry began to develop, the first show screenings were held. The masses learned about the existence of Sergei Zverev.

Did you hold the scissors in your hands at this point?


You decided: "I want to become a stylist so that …"

To work on the filming of clips, in magazines, in the cinema. Because I realized that it is in this area that I can realize myself. Not just, like in a hairdresser's, to cut something so that it doesn't get in the way, or to paint it so that there is a different color, but so that the person gets out of the chair unrecognizable in two hours. There were already plenty of commercial courses. I went to such courses, where I was told that in two months I will become not just a make-up artist … but an international class!

Well, it goes without saying, and also as a super-universal hairdresser, trained in makeup, cosmetology, and hairstyles - all together. In general, when I saw the first results of my work, I realized that being able to cut is also good. It turned out that I can do it. And I began to find out where this profession is taught as well as possible. It turned out that in the Moscow Industrial Pedagogical College (now it is called the College of Technology and Design). They trained hairdressers-fashion designers - the highest rank that could be obtained. In order to enter there, one had to have five years of work experience or graduate from a specialized school. Since I already had a two-month "international" course, and there was traditionally a shortage of boys in this industry, I decided to try my luck. The entrance exam consisted of a haircut, a drawing, and an essay. Probably,I cut my hair so brilliantly that the success of the haircut went to the composition.

Did you write it so well?

No, I apparently shocked them with the professionalism of the genius. If at school I could write essays in grades, I would never have left her! (We laugh so cheerfully that visitors look at us with envy.) In general, they hired me, I honestly studied there and upon graduation received the title of master fashion designer in both men's and women's works. It was there that I learned about the history of the costume, the history of the hairstyle, the method of conducting seminars, and much more. There was not a single day in my teaching practice that I did not remember the place where I studied. And after graduating from technical school, I determined: in order to maximize my abilities and skills, it is important to go to work for a person who, as a master, is interesting to me. To be able to suggest when something is not working out, or, conversely, to praise. Because praise is a great thing. Do you agree with the opinion,that for a normal state of mind a person must have the experience of victories? Of course, but how? There should always be a personal honor board. You need to love and respect yourself, for which it is another question. In general, I just called the administrator at the salon of Alexander Todchuk and said that I would like to work for him. I was offered to come with my model, to cut her hair, so that Alexander could see how I work. As a result, even before graduating from college, he accepted me. And then, on his recommendation or on my own, I began to discover the fashion industry, work for Bazaar, Vogue magazines, participate in contests, major fashion shows. There was a lot of creative practice outside the salon, which gave me the opportunity to understand how else I would be interested in expressing myself. And I was interested in theatrical hairstyles, make-up and makeup. Therefore,when an invitation was received from Oleg Menshikov and his "Theater Association 814", I gladly accepted it. This happened with the filing of Lev Novikov.

Novikov was then a famous makeup artist. Have you been influenced by his work?

He is a genius. In this business, there is number one, number two and everyone else, and he is a genius. I had a dream to get to know him, I “ran into” this acquaintance and, finally, I ran into it. I found his phone number, just called and said about myself and that I want to meet him. And he just did make-up for "Woe from Wit." So we started to cooperate. In this work, elements of decorative cosmetics were used, for example, a pearlescent tone, which made faces bright, but very stylish. And once, when Lev did not have time to go on tour, he offered Menshikov to replace me. After that, I completely developed the hairstyles and makeup for the project "Kitchen", and then "Players". Of course, this kind of experience and communication is incredibly interesting.

The theater gives the make-up artist amazing opportunities for realization. Perhaps, many would like to invite you, but is it expensive?

Yes, it is not cheap, but the price is not decisive. First of all, the possibility of creative search and experiment is interesting. I think it will come to this. Strong employment is another matter. For example, I know where I will be until next November. And I am preparing shows and master classes for 2008 already.

A good master is always very busy. But how do they become not only popular, but famous?

Every year Moscow hosted the exhibition "The World of Beauty". The masters in the salon where I worked were not very attracted to participation in it. It is clear that life is such that if there is no corporate spirit, then the loss of a working day for the sake of creativity is not interesting for everyone. I took part in this as a leading stylist, and the masters helped me out of friendship. I spoke several times, and then from Schwarzkopf Professional I received an offer to participate in the Golden Scissors Championship, to do my own seminar or show along with Todchuk. The program is three hours long, they told me: show what you want. And I tried to fit everything into this master class: haircuts, makeup, wedding and everyday, just didn't do a perm. And after this performance in Siberia, I was offered to be the top stylist of the Schwarzkopf Professional company.

Did this somehow affect your subordinate relationship with Todchuk?

Absolutely not, because Sasha has always been an independent person. I was already a master and received all kinds of support from him. He could entrust me with his clients or shooting, which he himself did not have time for, because he knew that I would do everything as it should. This is logical. Then, due to the combination of work in the salon, touring with the theater and seminars from Schwarzkopf Professional, the schedule became so tense that I could visit four cities in one week: Moscow, London, Chelyabinsk and again Moscow. I had to give up something. So I quit my job. The period of freedom lasted ten days, after which I realized that I lacked drive and accepted an offer to work in another salon. Now I still have a very busy schedule, but I get tremendous pleasure from the work.

Do you yourself attend seminars?

Yes, whenever possible. I watch everything: both good and bad, because there is always an opportunity to draw conclusions and discover something. I look not so much at how a person clicks with scissors, but how he communicates with the audience, how interesting he is. Because a person should not just know something and be able to, he should infect me.

Whose seminars have you attended with pleasure?

Seminars in the West: Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Patrick Cameron. There is a script and a director, there is an opportunity to capture everything: what kind of light, music, costumes. What is the style and dynamics of conducting, communication, so that it is as accessible as possible for the master as information. When you understand the correct scheme, then your seminar can already be organized once or twice. Namely, you get the greatest return from teaching.

You are called "the maestro of the long will." Long hair is now extremely popular. But how does a hairstyle fit with today's reality?

Besides the fact that it is always popular as a form of hairdressing, our standard of living is changing. Every woman has situations when she wants to look extraordinary, and now she has this opportunity. This does not mean that you need to fence a challah on your head or simply collect a bun out of your hair from the series “what I see, I sing about that”. Although we work with the customer's material, we are also a master of technology, so that the client can understand and reveal her individuality. It's impossible to come up with something fundamentally new with hair. But you can play with any style and create any look. My favorite movie influenced here. If a woman wanted to imitate her beloved actress, then copying her clothes took time and money, and you can always go to the salon and get your hair done. And since cinema was the mouthpiece and trendsetter, I decided:why not associate it with my profession? For 2006-2007, I prepared the Hollywood Ruslana Tatianina program, in which I selected, examined and decomposed the brightest images of the last century into their components. Today, if you choose a certain style, you do not need to accurately and laboriously copy glamorous cinematic images. It is enough to take the idea itself, apply it to yourself, play with some detail - and it will already be interesting, and most importantly, individually. Therefore, there is no need to be sad that this or that great era of fashion is gone. Trends are making a comeback, and now is the period when fashion designers are again turning their attention to what can be called Hollywood chic. But the main thing is what interest it arouses among hairdressers. Recently in Nizhny Novgorod, I conducted a seminar in a hall for 750 people. Not only did they all sit and listen, they sent so many notes,that at the end of the performance I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were really interested, which means that what I am talking about was also in demand.

What questions did they send?

Different, but it's not even about the questions. They do not just sit for six hours, but are interested and carry out internal work. At the end, those who wish can go on stage, and I give them autographs. The stage almost collapsed, but that's not the point. A woman of about fifty waited her turn to hand me poetry. Judging by the fact that they are written on a notebook that was specially given out for the seminar, I understand that this is not a homework. In poetic form, she conveys to me her thoughts and feelings about what she sees. That is, can you imagine how many years she has been in the profession, and has retained this interest and thirst for creativity. I am already an emotional person, but such examples move me to tears.

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