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Video: AUTUMN IN RIL'S STYLE - About Brands

Video: AUTUMN IN RIL'S STYLE - About Brands
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The best ideas for the fall wardrobe updates from the Scandinavian brand Ril ' s

The Scandinavian fashion brand Ril's continues to delight its Russian fans and presents them with the best ideas for an autumn wardrobe renewal. Especially for Russian women, the Ril's team has prepared several sets of clothes and accessories total look, including the latest models - the real hits of this season. Autumn-Winter 2009 will be marked by harmony, - says Ril's and invites fashionistas to get acquainted with items that combine Scandinavian laconicism and elegance with ultra-fashionable notes.

The Ril's total look sets include items from the new fall-winter 2009 collection. The collection embodies the key ideas of the label and invites modern residents of megacities to emphasize natural beauty, sensuality and femininity. The new collection has already appeared in the Ril's mono-brand boutique. A selection of the best ideas from Ril's will help fashionistas in the capital to navigate the assortment and create their own unique image.

Explosion of color

Among the favorites of the current fashion season are all sorts of shades of red, pink and orange - from delicate peach, rich salmon to luxurious fuchsia. Perhaps this is the most feminine color scheme, which, like no other, is able to emphasize the natural elegance of the fair sex. Another trend of the season is a laconic gray color, which harmoniously complements the chosen palette, giving depth and expressiveness to the look.

Smooth lines and soft silhouettes predominate in fashionable clothes for the fall-winter 2009 season, emphasizing the feminine outlines of the figure of a mature woman. This idea is embodied in a set from Ril's: a voluminous skirt in lightweight fabric is harmoniously combined with a fitted jacket and a soft thin jumper.

The kit includes:

  • Jacket: 100% wool, color - salmon, price - 7 999 rubles.
  • Jumper: 85% silk, 12% polyamide, 3% elastane, color - salmon, price - 2,999 rubles.
  • Skirt: 95% polyester, 2% polyamide, 1% acetate, color - gray, price - 5 999 rubles.

Scandinavian minimalism

Deep and mysterious, gray is at the peak of its popularity today. Its all sorts of hues can be found in haute couture and pred-a-porte, sophisticated evening wear and casual wear. However, this is not surprising, because no color has yet managed to emphasize the mystery of the female soul so much. And the combination of gray with the timeless classics - black - is a win-win option, fully consistent with the spirit of Scandinavian minimalism that Ril's preaches.

This total look set from a fashionable label includes items designed in an impeccably laconic style. A small black-and-gray dress embodies restraint and elegance, a light gray jumper will warm you on an autumn evening and at the same time favorably emphasize the color of its owner's eyes. The set is logically completed by a gray jacket with one small, but very expressive and fashionable detail - a contrasting black bow on the belt.

The kit includes:

Jacket: 70% wool, 28% cotton, 2% elastane, color - gray, price - 8 999 rubles. Jumper: 85% silk, 12% polyamide, 3% elastane, color - gray, price - 2 999 rubles. Dress: 70% wool, 28% cotton, 2% elastane, color - black, price - 6 299 rubles.

Autumn colors

Among the topical novelties of the fall-winter 2009 season is the attention of the masters of the world fashion to the blue color. Sky blue, spectacular turquoise and deep blue - all these trends are present in the new Ril's collection. Incredibly attractive and stylish, blue will take its rightful place in every woman's fall wardrobe and help create such different images - from a confident business woman to a romantic admirer of Baudelaire poetry.

The Russian team Ril's offers fashionistas a win-win and very autumnal in nature total look set. A turquoise blazer with flared sleeves blends harmoniously with an airy dress, where shades of blue and gray are intertwined with honey yellow, brown and gold. This set is the real embodiment of golden autumn, when the azure blue of the sky is in harmony with the yellow carpet of fallen leaves.

The kit includes:

Jacket: 100% wool, color - turquoise, price - 7,999 rubles. Dress: 100% silk, color - yellow, price - 5 999 rubles.

The blue of the northern seas

Trendy blue and its sophisticated mixes with gray are not a color that can be easily discarded. It is very versatile and will suit the owners of various types of appearance - from brown-eyed brunettes to blondes of a cold Scandinavian type. Of course, Ril's took into account the wishes of fashionistas who do not want to part with one of the most trendy palettes of the season. The label has included an assortment of models in the new collection, embodying a variety of shades of blue and gray.

In this total look set, a spacious blouse with an original voluminous bow collar and spectacular sleeves with small buttons is harmoniously combined with a gray-blue loose-fitting skirt. The result: a romantic and incredibly attractive look, very relevant this season.

The kit includes:

Blouse: 94% silk, 6% elastane, color - turquoise, price - 5 699 rubles. Skirt: 95% polyester, 2% polyamide, 1% acetate, color - green, price - 5 999 rubles.

The magic of purple

The real find of the current fashion season - purple in all the variety of its shades - could not fail to attract the attention of the designers of the Ril's brand. This fall, iris, delicate violet, feminine purple and provocative purple reign in the fashion world and are not going to give up their positions. Purple is "friends" with classic colors and, in combination with white, forms, perhaps, one of the most elegant solutions.

Ril's label presented its vision of this harmonious combination in the new collection. The total look set includes a snow-white coat with cropped sleeves, a purple blouse with an ultra-fashionable element - a designer floral print, and an elegant handbag made of genuine leather with crocodile embossing.

This set creates the image of a fashionable city dweller, skillfully combining the latest trends with timeless feminine elegance.

The kit includes:

Coat: 54% wool, 22% acrylic, 13% polyester, 11% polyamide, color - white or gray, price - 11,999 rubles. Blouse: 100% silk, color - purple, price - 5 999 rubles. Bag: 100% suede, color - gray, price - 5,999 rubles.