Back To The 70s: What Surprises Loriblu For Spring / Summer 2017? - Kordasha's Blog

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Back To The 70s: What Surprises Loriblu For Spring / Summer 2017? - Kordasha's Blog
Back To The 70s: What Surprises Loriblu For Spring / Summer 2017? - Kordasha's Blog

Video: Back To The 70s: What Surprises Loriblu For Spring / Summer 2017? - Kordasha's Blog

Video: Back To The 70s: What Surprises Loriblu For Spring / Summer 2017? - Kordasha's Blog
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The leitmotifs of the coming season are the joy of life, love for nature, sensuality. In the new collection, the Loriblu brand has surprisingly combined loyalty to tradition and non-standard design solutions, high fashion and innovation, comfort and luxury.

"Elegance as a way of life" - perhaps this motto most accurately characterizes the philosophy of the Loriblu brand. The handwriting of the talented Graziano Cuccu is easily recognizable, each novelty becomes an absolute must-have among fashionistas all over the world. Equally gratifying is the fact that Loriblu creates footwear for life, not just for the catwalk. Which, however, does not prevent the most beautiful women of the planet from shining in the creations of Senor Cukku on carpets.

Spring / Summer 2017 is about 70s nostalgia, vibrant tropical flowers, classic return, shine of gold, contrasting combinations. The new collection includes lines:


The freshness of the jungle, the warmth of the Caribbean beaches and the sweetness of tropical fruits are physically felt when looking at the models from the Loriblu Tropical range. The main colors of the collection are turquoise and aquamarine, fuchsia and coral, pastel beige and classic brown. Here you will find models for summer parties, and for measured walks along the embankment: high-heeled shoes, sandals made of the most delicate suede, gladiators with a pattern in the form of palm trees. The highlight of the line is platform sandals with unusual patterns made using laser technology.


Joni Mitchell fans will appreciate this line: the collection includes wedge or platform shoes, sandals with wide square heels, fringed and flat sandals in pastel colors with a floral print. However, it is not necessary to recreate the image of a long-haired diva with thick bangs and a guitar in her hands: Loriblu models will harmoniously fit into the wardrobe of a modern girl.

New mignon

Everything new is well forgotten old. Although it can hardly be said that the iconic Mignion model has been forgotten. Sandals with simple and intricate leather weaves conquered Europe in 1978. Since then, many variations of the legendary minion have been created. 2017 was no exception.


A real diamond of celebrity parties and carpets, an ode to love and romance … Among Loriblu's creations are satin sandals decorated with Swarovski crystals, nude pumps, perforated leather ankle boots.

In the wedding collection, the key color this time was snow white.

Black & Gold

A collection inspired by the atmosphere of the Soho quarter. Black & Gold is glamor, luxury and provocation. Buckles, chains and straps emphasize the rebellious spirit and charisma of the owners of this shoe line. Not without casual pieces: colorful loafers and sparkling sneakers.

The spring-summer 2017 collection is not only luxury shoes, but also accessories: clutches for ceremonies, comfortable shopping bags, large bags with the brand's logo.

The collection for the stronger sex deserves special attention: Loriblu presents a wide selection of men's shoes that will emphasize the status and charisma of their owner. Here you will find elegant patent leather shoes, classic loafers in trendy colors, sneakers and comfortable loafers with rubber soles.

About the brand:

Loriblu is one of the most significant and well-known names in the Italian handicraft tradition, which gained its status over 40 years ago. The creations of Annarita Pilotti and Graziano Cuccu are the epitome of luxury, elegance and first-class Italian quality. The main line of Loriblu is women's and men's footwear; it is complemented by bags, leather accessories, scarves, glasses, belts, fragrances, hats, a bridal collection of shoes and a line of men's accessories. Today the Loriblu brand is represented in all the world shopping capitals in mono-brand and multi-brand boutiques.

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