Stars At The Closing Ceremony Of The Tokyo Tour Olympic Qualifying Tournament - Cloudzub Fashion

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Stars At The Closing Ceremony Of The Tokyo Tour Olympic Qualifying Tournament - Cloudzub Fashion
Stars At The Closing Ceremony Of The Tokyo Tour Olympic Qualifying Tournament - Cloudzub Fashion

Video: Stars At The Closing Ceremony Of The Tokyo Tour Olympic Qualifying Tournament - Cloudzub Fashion

Video: Stars At The Closing Ceremony Of The Tokyo Tour Olympic Qualifying Tournament - Cloudzub Fashion
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From June 20 to June 30, a unique equestrian competition took place at the MAXIMPARK equestrian complex near Moscow - a special Olympic qualifying tournament "Tokyo Tour". For a whole week, spectators watched as 7 participating teams compete for a ticket to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. And the closing ceremony last Sunday was attended by many fans of this noble sport, including many Russian celebrities.

Despite the fact that on the final day a large number of thematic master classes and other activities were prepared for the guests, many did not leave the lounge area and stands until the very final, from where they enthusiastically followed the progress of the competition.

The Tokyo Tour has become a completely new event for the world sports community. A special qualifying tournament for countries belonging to the Olympic group C was held for the first time in history and brought together athletes from Russia, Israel, Poland, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus on the territory of Russia. In the first days of the tournament, the participants demonstrated to the judges a set of exercises of high difficulty during the dressage competition, and in the remaining days they overcame barriers on the battlefield during the qualifying round of show jumping.

High skill and possession of technique helped the Russian dressage team to obtain a team license for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. The Israeli national team won the Grand Prix in show jumping.

After the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners, the Moscow Cossack Choir and the cover band "Davinchi" performed in front of the guests. The stars shared their impressions and were in no hurry to leave.

Among the honored guests were the President of the Russian Equestrian Federation Marina Vladimirovna Sechina, as well as Tatyana Tikhonova (RG-Development), Ekaterina Andreeva, Dmitry Borisov, Vladimir Kozhin, Olesya Boslovyak-Kozhina, Anna Tikhomirova, Adelina Sotnikova, Glafira Tarkhanova, Sabina Akhmedova, Maryana Spivak with her husband and son, Ekaterina Odintsova, Maria Golubkina, Tatyana Vedeneeva, Anastasia Zadorina, Anton Azarov, Victoria Andreyanova, Yulia Andreyanova, Elizaveta Kostyukova, Svetlana Abramova with her husband, Alexander Sokolovsky, Andrey Razygraev, Tatiana Rogachenko, Dilbar Fayzieva, Annbar Fayzieva Olga Yakubovich, Vera Sotnikova, Kirill Shubsky.

Guest comments:

Marina Vladimirovna Sechina, President of the Russian Equestrian Federation: “We are happy with the victories and results of all athletes, therefore equestrian sport has always been and will be a unifying factor for friendship, mutual cooperation and good sincere relations between countries. I congratulate everyone on the completion of the Tokyo Tour and wish both athletes and spectators more such sports events, healthy excitement, excellent results and great mood."

Ekaterina Andreeva: “ My first acquaintance with a horse took place when I was about 30 years old. It was an Akhaltyke, but I didn't know that, so I just went up to him, patted him behind the ear, and he, apparently, was so stunned by my impudence that he allowed himself to be saddled. Since then I have been riding horses from time to time, but, an interesting fact, I cannot spur them with a horse - I always agree."

Vladimir Kozhin: “ As a child, I had the opportunity to go to the Don every summer, and all this time was associated with horses. There was a lot of beauty there - both knightly tournaments and training in bareback riding. There were also hoof strikes, but there was much more pleasure from communicating with these most beautiful and cleverest animals, to which you need to find an approach."

Olesya Boslovyak: “ What I watch from the podium today is aerobatics. It is difficult to imagine how a fragile-looking rider can curb such a powerful and wayward animal. I myself was engaged in horse riding, so I know how difficult it is to find contact with a horse. I admire athletes and enjoy the beauty of this sport."

Glafira Tarkhanova: “ I would like to thank the Russian Equestrian Federation for the invitation to this amazing event. We took part in the qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and it is a great honor. The event brought my friends and me out of town on this summer day, which we had a great time."

Adelina Sotnikova: “ Athletes spend a lot of nerves, time, life doing their job, so any sport needs to be supported and promoted. Thanks to the Federation for doing so much for Russian equestrian sport. I would like to wish good luck and further victories to all equestrian athletes”.

Dmitry Borisov: “I followed the course of the competition with interest and could not miss the closing ceremony. By the way, as a child, I myself was engaged in horse riding, it is a great pleasure - I recommend everyone to try it."

Anna Tikhomirova: “It's great that thanks to the Equestrian Federation, such an event took place in Russia. Our show jumping competitors took third place, but I am sure that the national team will have great success in the future. I know how difficult this sport is and I am pleased to see how many fans have gathered to support their heroes."

Victoria Andreyanova: “ I love horses since childhood. When I was little, I lived with my father in the village and often rode horses. I will never forget how one day the horse, on which my sister Katya Strizhenova was riding, was carried into the steppe. It's good that Katya didn't have time to get scared, and everything was resolved without tragedies. Today I met many familiar faces and was pleasantly surprised by how many equestrian sports fans we have."

Maria Golubkina: “I have been doing dressage all my life and I have the second adult category in equestrian sports. I think I was a good lover and the best rider among Russian actresses."

We would like to express our gratitude to the partners who helped to hold this landmark sporting event at the highest level:

General partners of the event:

  1. Krugosvet Cargo company, which provides freight forwarding services. The company also specializes in integrated logistics of technological equipment and the provision of customs clearance services. "Krugosvet Cargo" works with all types of transport, providing cargo transportation services to anywhere in the world
  2. The investment and development company RG-Development, a strategic partner of the Russian Equestrian Federation and a platinum partner of the Tokyo Tour, actively supports sports events and the development of equestrian sports in Russia. RG-Development considers it part of its mission to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as to attract citizens to regular sports. All residential complexes of the company are being built near natural parks and are equipped with the necessary sports infrastructure.

Special thanks to the partner who has supported the Federation's events not for the first time:

PJSC BANK URALSIB is one of the largest universal banks in the country with a 30-year history of development and a wide range of financial services for private and corporate clients

Event partners:

  1. International Equestrian Federation FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale), which represents the interests and initiates the development of equestrian sports throughout the world Russian Olympic Committee
  2. Equestrian Russia
  3. MaximPark. The largest country equestrian sports complex of the European level
  4. Moscow Region Government
  5. LG SIGNATURE is an ultra-premium brand of advanced home appliances LG SIGNATURE, creating a qualitatively new perception of life for the most discerning audience.
  6. Blackglama is a fur boutique "Blackglama" in GUM and its founder Elena Neverovskaya. The boutique presents a collection of unique products made of valuable furs of the highest quality, including the legendary American black mink "Blackglama".
  7. Galop
  8. TEZ TOUR is an international tour operator operating on the Russian market for 25 years and leading in sending tourists from Russia. The priority of TEZ TOUR is a high level of service 24/7 and constant quality control of the services provided.
  9. NanPrincess Suites Villas & Spa is a 5-star spa hotel located on a private beach in the Greek city of Hersonissos, and is renowned for its excellent service, modern health club and spa center. Almost all individually designed suites and villas have their own swimming pool and spacious outdoor areas with stunning views of the Cretan Sea.
  10. Eagle Black Two-headed
  11. CPS
  12. VolksWagen
  13. Hephaestus
  14. OZK
  15. The Imperial Porcelain Factory - its history for 275 years is closely connected with the history of Russia. Imperial porcelain is presented in many museums around the world, and collectors are fighting for the right to own it at Sotheby's and Christie's auctions.
  16. Cluev
  17. CHIMEX
  18. Semikarakorsk ceramics
  19. Gus Khrustalny
  20. Leps bar

Info partners:

  1. ITAR TASS news agency
  2. Radio Russia
  3. Sport 24
  4. Mustang

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