Video: STAR LANDING AT CPM MOSCOW - Cloudzub Fashion

Video: STAR LANDING AT CPM MOSCOW - Cloudzub Fashion
Video: CPM Body&Beach Show AW 2020 CPM Moscow 2023, March

On September 04, the 31st season of the leading exhibition in the fashion industry CPM - Collection Premiere Moscow started. Design brands from 27 countries of the world brought to Moscow more than 1280 collections for the spring-summer 2019 season.

The most famous Russian couturier Valentin Yudashkin, the head of his own Fashion House and a regular participant of the Paris Fashion Week, was the guest of honor at the opening ceremony. On stage, the guests of the exhibition were also greeted by the Oberburgomaster of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Dusseldorf, Mr. Thomas Geisel.

Ekaterina Odintsova, Galina Yudashkina, Konstantin Andrikopulos and many other celebrities came to support the exhibition in the very first hours of the new season. The celebrity guests got acquainted with the collections of women's, men's and children's clothing, lingerie and beach fashion, shoes and accessories. Someone said that visiting CPM has already become a good tradition, but for someone it is an unusual new experience. Anna Chicherova comes here to replenish the "baggage of fashionable knowledge", Irina Lachina visits CPM with pleasure and enjoys the variety of design solutions. But Miroslava Karpovich, not having much experience attending such events, told about her acquaintances who are preparing to go to the exhibition as to a social event: they do fresh makeup, hair, and put on elegant dresses. And you can understand them, because being here, you understand,that this is a real holiday of fashion. Aya, the lead singer of the Gorod 312 group, also came to CPM for the first time and immediately appreciated the special atmosphere. Ekaterina Drobysh said that every time she meets her friends-designers here and considers the exhibition an excellent platform for bringing together people from different countries.

There were also those who made pleasant fashionable discoveries for themselves, and some visited the stands of the brands they already loved.

Lyubov Tolkalina: “I have already visited the CPM exhibition several times and now I am happy to come again for fresh impressions and to get acquainted with new brands. For me, this place is like a kind of fashion portal, from where it is difficult to get out without some purchase. Some of the things that have previously entered my life thanks to the exhibition have become really loved. For example, in a black swimsuit from a Colombian brand, I spent this summer on the Black Sea. Colombian fashion in this segment is exotic, and I love non-trivial things, so this time I opted for a Prints Lab reversible swimsuit with funny fish."

Yulia Mikhalchik: “I was interested in the stand of Colombian underwear and homewear Ellipse. I, one might say, a conservative, I prefer, though not the most closed models, but extremely restrained. And at Ellipse I found my dream kimono. I just fell in love with him; color, quality, drawing with an exotic bird, I immediately realized that this is my thing! Overall, the CPM atmosphere is very appealing to me. It is comfortable, spacious, you can look at the collections you like calmly, without fuss”.

Svetlana Abramova: “I liked the Free Age brand very much. It would seem that things made of cashmere should be voluminous and protect from the cold, but here the models perfectly emphasize the figure, look very elegant and sophisticated. I love the combination of wool and silk, it is very fashionable and Free Age is great, they have introduced such an assortment into their collections. The mix of sporty style with traditionally feminine things is also very impressive. In general, the new items make a very pleasant impression. I opted for a red cashmere dress. Firstly, because this color suits me, and even now I am in such a mood that I want to show myself to the world. So why not in a new red dress ?!"

Anna Tikhomirova: “It is very pleasant to get acquainted with new brands and their trends. Until today, I did not know about the existence of the Ellipse lingerie and homewear brand. There are very beautiful, high quality and comfortable models here. I was especially impressed by the seamless underwear, as well as blouses, which belong to the category of homewear. They are so spectacular that I could easily wear it even to an event. A very pleasant impression from visiting CPM, however, as always”.

Larisa Verbitskaya: “I love CPM very much and visit it with pleasure. This is a great place to find out what we will be wearing very soon. As a public person, I need clothes for different occasions, and in my situation it is very interesting and practical to visit places where you can get acquainted with a large number of brands from different countries. This time I discovered the brand “1001 dresses”. There is a very diverse assortment here - for all shapes, ages and preferences. And this is great, because now, coming to many countries, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish women's clothes from men's. And a Russian woman cannot imagine her wardrobe without dresses. It is unusually feminine, elegant, attractive. I urge all ladies not to part with this element of their wardrobe, especially since we have a lot to choose from. Tenderness and touching images - this is our strength”.

Evelina Bledans: “As always, beautiful and positive. It's great when every visit to CPM brings a lot of emotions from seeing beautiful things, unusual new products and talented people who create them. There is a feeling of spring here at any time of the year. This time I chose the stunning Free Age cardigan, which I immediately fell in love with. So that I did not measure afterwards, a new love did not go out of my head. I decided - we must take it so that I do not dream at night! I also really liked the down jacket from M. Reason. This is what I need for the tour."

Margarita Mitrofanova: “Many people associate South America with temperament, beauty, warmth, amazing nature and TV shows that tell exciting love stories. We see beautiful women, attractive men and high-quality, stylish clothes on the screen. Therefore, the Colombian lingerie and homewear brand is very interesting. Here at CPM is the Ellipse brand that really piqued my interest. A stunning color range, from deep black to pale pink, hand embroidery, including with a 3d effect, high-quality fabrics, which is important in this segment and, of course, everything is in absolute trend. I will probably save my dreams of feminine, piquant cuts until spring, but in a silk peignoir I can quite imagine myself on the balcony of a Colombian villa. And in the very near future I plan to buy myself a robe from Ellipse and make plans to conquer South America, standing at the Moscow window."

Several celebrities also attended the CPM Body & Beach Lingerie & Beach relaunch evening event. Exclusive cocktail reception COLOMBIA. LAND OF SABROSUR was visited by high-ranking guests, including the Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia Alfonso Lopez Caballero, directors of textile factories, famous buyers and Russian celebrities such as Anastasia Makeeva, Ruslan and Elena Nigmatullina. The event was hosted by Ekaterina Odintsova.

After a small official part, the incendiary rhythms of salsa carried the audience from the center of Moscow to an exotic Colombian beach, where it grew hotter every minute. Models in swimsuits and beachwear from Colombian manufacturers featured at CPM took to the stage, decorated with sun loungers. The guests admitted that they did not remember such a creative show in the lingerie and swimwear segment. Girls and boys played in front of the guests almost a performance in the style of Latin American TV series, where love, passion and fashion intertwined.

Just a few minutes after the show began, Anastasia Makeeva admitted that she wanted to go to Colombia. “I have never been there, but now I can not get rid of the thought that I need to go there! I want to wear a hat, shorts, as on girls-models and go ahead, to visit handsome Colombian men,”Anastasia shared her emotions. The celebrity guests also appreciated the interactive and creative discoveries that made the show different from others. Brands on the show included Lau De La, Prints Lab, Smeralda, Fajet and Kibys.

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