GQ Magazine In March

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GQ Magazine In March
GQ Magazine In March

Video: GQ Magazine In March

Video: GQ Magazine In March
Video: Tom Hiddleston Suits Up in This Season’s Color (Brown) | GQ 2023, March

In March, GQ magazine publishes the Annual GQ rating - the 100 most handsome men in Russia and the world. It is always interesting who is considered the most beautiful, successful and sexy by those unknown to us others who participate with their votes in the compilation of the rating. Do your opinions coincide with statistics? Although David Beckham gracing the cover is unlikely to cause much controversy.

In addition, in the magazine in March:

Fashion for the whole summer. Ethnicity, contrasts, denim, sleeveless jackets, rivets.

Problem 2014: Why do we need the Olympics? And five more questions about the Russian project of the century.

Brother Fox. George Clooney was made a redhead.

Music. Peter Gabriel took over the old.

The best friend of the good. What can be done from an ordinary Mercedes.

Clock. Gold hands and comfortable dials.

Sex with Sobchak and Sokolova. GQ columnists asked Alexander Nevsky what is more important for a man - bodily beauty or the brain.

GQ columnists' responses in March: Tony Parsons reaches for a woman's breast, Eduard Limonov glorifies vice, Viktor Erofeevsees terrible dreams, Dmitry Bykov is Russophilizing, Mark Ames dreams of becoming a loser, and Grigory Revzin peers into the face of power.

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