Adidas Originals Fall-winter 2003/2004: Nostalgia For Records

Adidas Originals Fall-winter 2003/2004: Nostalgia For Records
Adidas Originals Fall-winter 2003/2004: Nostalgia For Records

Video: Adidas Originals Fall-winter 2003/2004: Nostalgia For Records

Video: Adidas Originals Fall-winter 2003/2004: Nostalgia For Records
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Adidas presents its new adidas Originals Fall / Winter 2003/2004 collection. This is the third season of the Originals collection. The collection was first presented in 2001 and since then has enjoyed immense popularity among fashionistas all over the world.

The adidas Originals collection is a replica of the well-known retro collections. Originals motto: "Once innovative, now classic, always real." Every Originals piece carries the spirit of the glorious sports victories of the seventies and the history of adidas' participation in great sports.

The adidas Originals Fall / Winter collection is a nostalgia for the 70s, an amazing "light" period of transition from the swinging 60s to the careerist 80s. An era in which the Olympic spirit united countries divided by ideological confrontation. This period is filled with the energy of sports records. For the coming fall / winter season, the adidas Trefoil brings together a number of striking themes.

Winter Resort. This theme is inspired by the images of snow-covered Tyrolean villages, sun, light, mountain air, people skiing. The prototype was the well-known Seefeld ski resort, which hosted the ski competitions of the 1964 and 1976 Olympic Games. "Winter Resort" successfully combines new technologies in the production of sportswear and the traditional design of winter sports models.

Seefeld Track Top is an interpretation of the popular 1970s. ski jacket models. In the fall-winter 2003/2004 collection, the shape of the collar has been changed - now it is a stand-up collar, the shape of which is borrowed from jackets for cyclists. The new collection features male and female models.

Cleated Classics is a tribute to the best traditions of football and baseball. The silhouettes, colors and details of this line bring to mind the images of great athletes and competitions of the past, such as the 1962 FIF World Cup (Chile). This topic is the very history of sports, the chronicle of world records. Since autumn, the streets of the world will be full of striped baseball caps and shamrock T-shirts presented in the "Studded Classic" - a sign of the secret union of fans of stellar sports history!

Chile Track Top is a jacket specially designed in the 70s for the Chilean football team. In addition to the jacket, the adidas Originals fall-winter 2003/2004 collection includes a Chile Jersey T-shirt and Chile 62 boots from the same “order”.

The motto of the Vintage / Vintage theme is “Time-tested style”. Vintage is both exact replicas of 'historical' things, and a modern interpretation of the design trends of that time. The materials from which these things are made and the colors are as close as possible to the originals.

  • Gatsby - Logo knit cap and thick tassel scarf.
  • Bob's Jacket is an exact replica of a model from the past. She became famous thanks to one of her followers, the legendary Jamaican singer Bob Marley.

The Girl's Package is a mix of recreated and interpreted sports models and models created in the spirit of "nostalgia for the past." Archival photography and real things of those years became the source for the designers' imagination. This collection has a lot of bold experiments with materials - modern solutions are used: from shiny satin to soft knitwear. The color scheme ranges from classic sporty colors to vibrant seasonal colors.

EuropMkII - This style was originally called EuropDeLuxe and was incredibly popular all over the world. It first appeared in 1977. Compared to the original sweatshirt, the EuropMkII has been lengthened, fitted with a full-length zipper and, in fact, turned into a dress. However, this model is also worn with jeans.

Baby Trefoil is a special Christmas offer for toddlers, featuring miniature models for adults. For example, the Baby Europa model.

The variety of adidas Originals accessories will also impress fashionistas. From a small purse to a tennis or golf duffel bag, every piece carries the unique spirit of adidas Originals!

  • 1970 Siutcase - It was very fashionable to go out on country weekends with such a suitcase in the 1970s.
  • The SnowBlitz Mini is a miniature version of the women's cylindrical duffel bag made from SnowBlitz with adidas monograms.

The new collection will appear in adidas-Olimp, adidas stores in the Mega shopping mall and Le Form boutique in August 2003.>