Adidas Introduces New Active Intimates Lingerie Line

Adidas Introduces New Active Intimates Lingerie Line
Adidas Introduces New Active Intimates Lingerie Line

Video: Adidas Introduces New Active Intimates Lingerie Line

Video: Adidas Introduces New Active Intimates Lingerie Line
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March 20, 2003, Moscow. At the adidas Olympus outfit center, adidas presents the new Active Intimates lingerie collection for women. It includes three types of underwear for different sports. The collection is designed to provide women with maximum comfort during sports and eliminate the undesirable effects of physical activity on the condition of the breast.

Studies show that only 50% of women are aware that sports can have a negative impact on the delicate tissues of the female breast. Regular underwear cannot prevent unwanted breast sagging, and when used, even small loads often lead to breathing difficulties, back pain and bowel problems. This is why adidas develops special functional underwear for sports. Their creators take care not only to make things beautiful and comfortable, but also take into account the specifics of the impact of loads in various sports.

Conventionally, according to the level of loads exerted on the female breast, all sports can be divided into three categories. Accordingly, adidas presents three types of bras in the Active Intimates collection:

- for sports with light and medium chest loads (exercise bike and most other exercise equipment in the gym, rowing, walking, golf, yoga, rollerblading, alpine skiing, aerobics, cycling);

- for sports with heavy loads (running, tennis, mountain biking, game sports, equestrian sports, active aerobics);

- for those who, when playing sports with medium loads, want to use a cardio sensor that allows you to adjust the intensity of the exercise performed.

“In order for physical activity to benefit health, it is important to know what kind of activity is optimal for a particular person due to his needs, characteristics of the body and state of health. We all know that running and walking, for example, train the cardiovascular system, and playing ping pong develops reaction and coordination of movements. In addition, to get the most out of sports, you need to choose comfortable equipment, and for women it is very important to choose the right underwear in order to preserve the beauty of the breasts,”says Günter Weissmann, MD, consultant at the adidas research laboratory in Germany.

All Active Intimates bras are designed to provide maximum freedom of movement and good ventilation on the one hand, and on the other, it is enough to fix the breasts, eliminate excessive fluctuations and prevent possible problems. The new collection uses the most modern materials to provide the necessary level of support, ventilation and comfort.

Today, the Active Intimates collection is available in two colors: white and black. Studies show that around the world more than 60% of women prefer them when buying sports underwear. At the same time, 40.6% choose white, and 19.3% choose black. Beige underwear is liked by 15.6% of women, blue - 8%, and red - only 7.9%.

In Russia, the Active Intimates collection will be sold in the adidas Olympus outfit center and other adidas branded stores. The average price of a kit is from $ 45 to $ 50.

Information provided by the press service of Adidas-Moscow Ltd