Salvatore Ferragamo Presents A Unique Exposition Of Shoes From A Limited Museum Collection

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Salvatore Ferragamo Presents A Unique Exposition Of Shoes From A Limited Museum Collection
Salvatore Ferragamo Presents A Unique Exposition Of Shoes From A Limited Museum Collection

Video: Salvatore Ferragamo Presents A Unique Exposition Of Shoes From A Limited Museum Collection

Video: Salvatore Ferragamo Presents A Unique Exposition Of Shoes From A Limited Museum Collection
Video: Discover the Salvatore Ferragamo Manovia and Historical Archive - HD 2023, March

From 17 to 28 February, the Salvatore Ferragamo brand will present a unique exposition of shoes from the limited museum collection of Salvatore Ferragamo's Creations. These models are based on the brand's retro sketches.

Visitors to the exhibition will have a rare opportunity to see and purchase charming shoes, similar to those that adorned the legs of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

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Dreams Come True

Wearing shoes that have become part of 20th century fashion history is every elegant woman's dream. A feminine shoe, impeccable in style and craftsmanship in every detail, has turned from an ordinary accessory into an object of design and artistic creation.

The house of Salvatore Ferragamo has a truly unique "archive" of works of shoe art - over eighty years of its history, more than 13,000 shoe models have been created, samples of which are kept in the Florentine Palazzo Spini Feroni, the Salvatore Ferragamo shoe museum. This archive was the inspiration for the Ferragamo's Creations collection, an exclusive line of shoes in which the legendary models of the House of Ferragamo are given a new life with a modern twist. The collection also includes pret-a-porter bags and products, the design of which is coordinated with the shoe models. The new collection provides a rare opportunity to discover and appreciate the creative legacy of Salvatore Ferragamo, an innovator who revolutionized the world of women's footwear with new silhouettes, volumes and materials.

The history of Ferragamo's Creations

The Ferragamo's Creations collection was created in 2006 for the brand's concept boutique adjacent to the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence.

Ferragamo's Creations is the quintessence of the brand's style, unique accessories that can become collectible items.

The Ferragamo's Creations collection is a limited edition of updated retro footwear from the Ferragamo museum and the brand's iconic handbags. All models are created exclusively by hand according to original drawings, using the type of leather and silhouette of the prototype. They represent a complete slice of fashion history, each featuring the brand's historic logo, invented in 1930 by the futurist Lucio Venna. The shoes and bags are sold in elegant, exclusive packaging and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which tells about the history and unique characteristics of the purchased pair of shoes.

The line has re-released some of the brand's most iconic footwear to date, including the 1947 Neiman Marcus (Fashion Oscar) F-wedge sandals; interchangeable kimo sandals inspired by traditional Japanese footwear; suede ballet flats with a rounded toe for Audrey Hepburn; and the unforgettable plunging neckline shoes Marilyn Monroe wore in The Jazz Only Girl.


Colored leather ribbons and stripes: endless creativity

The collection is dedicated to the iconic women's footwear from the great heritage of the House of Ferragamo: ribbons and stripes of colored leather are skillfully combined to create unusual decorative motifs and an optical play of color. Experienced craftsmen transform nappa stripes into exquisite embroidery.

The brand's shoemakers transform leather into a plastic material by cutting and reattaching it, which creates unexpected effects. They work with leather like a fabric or thread for embroidery, giving it a new texture and extraordinary elegance and softness.

The story begins with the Diva sandals created in 1940. Their upper part consisted of suede stripes in contrasting colors - bright blue, yellow, green and red. The cork wedge, a characteristic feature of the era that Ferragamo introduced during the war, is also covered with multi-colored suede pieces that harmonize with the upper of the shoe and create a modern geometric design.

Designed between 1945-1947, the Marina sandals feature high heels and the typical Ferragamo platform that is back in fashion. Intricately woven leather strips resemble ribbons. Marin sandals are available in 4 colors: gold or silver husky, black or red suede on the heel and platform, which are covered with the same leather.

Model Margareth (1959-60) is one of the most convincing examples of the unsurpassed art of the House of Ferragamo. The top of these sandals is made of thin chrome straps that are tied together and sewn with stripes of huskies in various colors: blue, light blue, purple, red, yellow and orange. The wooden hairpin is also covered with multi-colored stripes. Today, as in the past, this masterpiece of shoemaker craftsmanship is an unusually lightweight sandal dominated by curved lines and vibrant color contrasts.

Color is the basis of the Ferragamo style

Experiments with color and a rich palette of rich shades are one of the hallmarks of Ferragamo's aesthetics.

Color can make classic shoes play in a new way. For example, the 1956 Chianti model - suede pumps with a deep neckline and a suede stiletto heel can now be seen in original summer shades such as pearl gray, green and rich yellow. With its impeccable lines and deep cut, you will recognize one of the most famous and successful models created by Salvatore Ferragamo in the 50s. She was dedicated to Marilyn Monroe and became a recognized symbol of her sensuality.

Solid colors or elegant combinations of two shades and two materials - these are, of course, Cadett sandals, the top of which is divided into two parts, forming a flat bow when crossed. The heel and strap are color coordinated with the upper. The Cadett model is produced with a heel of 10 or 6 centimeters in two versions: husky in combination with rep - black, beige, red, bright blue, or original two-tone combinations entirely of rep.

Ravello, a lace-up suede shoe with a narrow toe and shell-shaped sole, was created in the early 60's for Greta Garbo. They conquered the actress with their convenience and original design.

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