Cordoba Duo Collection By Samsonite

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Cordoba Duo Collection By Samsonite
Cordoba Duo Collection By Samsonite

Video: Cordoba Duo Collection By Samsonite

Video: Cordoba Duo Collection By Samsonite
Video: Samsonite Cordoba Duo product video 2023, March

Press release

Samsonite, the world leader in luggage and travel accessories, presents the CordobDuo ™ collection, the next generation of its bestselling Cordoba ™ collection. It is created using the new and unique Advanced Hybrid Technology (AHT) - Advanced Hybrid Technology, which combines the strength and reliability of hard suitcases with the lightness and capacity of soft luggage. The extremely practical models of the CordobDuo collection also have convenient pockets on the outside, and their elastic case has become more voluminous, which makes it possible to travel with even more comfort.

Multifunctional suitcases CordobDuo are suitable for both family holidays and business trips. One of the main features of the new collection is its striking lightness. The 50 cm high suitcase on two wheels weighs only 2.4 kg. Due to the fact that the suitcases of the new collection are much lighter than their predecessors, travelers can take another pair of shoes, some T-shirts or souvenirs with them, and not worry about the possible overweight of their luggage.

The CordobDuo collection includes stylish suitcases on two silent wheels, as well as agile models on four wheels that rotate in all directions. All items in the collection are equipped with handles and wheels integrated into the body, and large suitcases can be enlarged if necessary.

volume. Single compartment bags have additional pockets on the outside and inside for maximum convenience when packing. The wide range of the CordobDuo collection includes sports wheeled bags, garment bags, cosmetic bags, a beauty case and a shoulder bag.

In addition to luggage, the CordobDuo collection includes an assortment of portfolios and bags aimed at the business audience, including both classic-style models and more daring options that are perfect for young professionals. The range also includes four briefcases and two comfortable square shoulder bags, all in the same style and materials as the luggage collection.

All briefcases have a 16-inch laptop compartment for complete safety in transit. In addition, they are equipped with a removable shoulder strap, a pocket on the outside, and a “smart pocket” that allows you to fix the briefcase over the top of the suitcase.

The shoulder bags are available in two sizes. The large bag is ideal for transporting an iPad®.

The CordobDuo luggage collection is available in red and graphite colors, while the business models are available in graphite and brown.

Since the beginning of April 2011, products from the CordobDuo collection can be purchased in all Samsonite brand stores at a price of 7,200 rubles for a 2-wheeled suitcase 50/18 to 13,300 rubles for a 4-wheeled suitcase 76/28.

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