How To Pack Your Suitcase Properly: Tips From Samsonite

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How To Pack Your Suitcase Properly: Tips From Samsonite
How To Pack Your Suitcase Properly: Tips From Samsonite

Video: How To Pack Your Suitcase Properly: Tips From Samsonite

Video: How To Pack Your Suitcase Properly: Tips From Samsonite
Video: How to Pack Your Suitcase for Travel (Packing Tips) | Nathalee Pauline 2023, March

Samsonite has always strived to make any journey as easy and comfortable as possible. Leveraging the company's wealth of experience, as well as its own developments in the luggage industry, Samsonite experts offer a number of practical tips that will be useful on any travel, both business and leisure.

Gert Weyers, VP of Marketing, Samsonite Europe, provides the following recommendations:

I. Going on a trip

Do some research:

First of all, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1) Think about where you are going:

Before you start trying to fit half of your wardrobe in your suitcase, think about what the weather will be like, what type of rest you prefer, whether you might need special clothing or equipment, and whether there will be a laundry service.

2) Choose the right suitcase model:

First of all, it will depend on how you will get to your destination. A suitcase in a hard case is more suitable for extreme trips, including those that do not provide for comfortable conditions when moving, while models in a soft case are ideal for measured rest. If you are traveling by car, a duffel bag (with or without wheels) is ideal, which will easily fit into the luggage compartment of your car.

3) Think about how often you plan to use the suitcase:

For frequent trips, the light and practical suitcases from the Cosmolite collection are best, while the soft cases from the B-Lite collection are the best option for those who rarely travel.

4) Check the information on the airline's website:

Check the airline's rules for the weight and dimensions of baggage. Many carriers impose heavy overweight penalties, and their weight and size limits may vary. If your luggage allowance is too light, the incredibly light and compact suitcase from the B-Lite collection is the ideal choice. And if you weigh your luggage yourself before departure, you can get rid of worries and avoid unnecessary expenses. You should also pay attention to the restrictions on the size of bags or suitcases that you can take with you on the plane.

5) Choose a suitcase based on the duration of your trip:

On short trips, you do not need to waste time waiting for your luggage on the conveyor belt: it is best to choose a lightweight suitcase that will fit in the cabin of the aircraft.

6) The weight and maneuverability of luggage matter:

If the luggage turns out to be impressive in weight, choose a suitcase on wheels. Never carry heavy items in a bag with a shoulder strap! If during the trip you have several transfers (from one hotel or airport to another) and you have a lot of things, the best choice would be a four-wheeled suitcase (spinner), which can provide maximum maneuverability and ease of movement.

7) When choosing a suitcase, think about its contents:

When transporting fragile items, opt for a suitcase in a solid case, which will provide them with maximum protection. For example, on a model from the Cosmolite collection. For business trips, the elegant model from the Pro-DLX 3 collection is perfect for protecting your laptop and accompanying accessories, as well as being convenient for transporting personal belongings.

II. Packing a suitcase

Take note of seven more recommendations:

1) Make a list of things you need:

To do this, it is important to determine their number - one pair of pants, two skirts or two pairs of shorts, five versatile tops and two pairs of shoes. When you return from your trip, it might be helpful to refer back to the list you have compiled to see if everything has been useful to you.

2) Choose a mini wardrobe for the trip:

Opt for clothes in one or two basic colors. This will allow you to combine things in a variety of ways. Otherwise, unnecessary wardrobe items will lie in the suitcase during the entire vacation, taking up valuable space.

3) Minimize the contents of your suitcase:

Bring toiletries and hair care products in mini-packs to free up space in your suitcase and reduce its weight. How often did you have to fully use a regular pack of shampoo during your trip? Be sure to seal your liquid cosmetics to prevent leaks on the go. You should also clarify in advance what the airline's restrictions on the amount of liquid carried in carry-on baggage are. Bring only the essentials on board, and check in your shampoo, conditioner and eau de toilette. Check if the hotel has a hairdryer, as this will save you extra space in your suitcase.

4) Pack your things in a specific sequence:

Start packing your suitcase from its main compartment. Bulky and heavy items should be put into the suitcase first, so as not to damage fragile items. To avoid wrinkling your clothes, make sure that at each stage of packing your suitcase, things lie flat. Use a pair of pareos and beach towels to create separate sections in your suitcase so you can easily find what you're looking for in a rush. So that the shoes do not stain clean things, they should be packed in plastic or fabric bags and stowed along the sides of the suitcase. Socks and toiletries are best placed in shoes to make the most of the available space. Electrical appliances can be wrapped in clothing to prevent damage during transport.

5) Roll up or fold?

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions. Some items, especially trousers, skirts and shorts, are recommended to be rolled up. If you prefer this method for T-shirts, lay each of them face down, fold the sleeves (if available) on the back, and start folding from top to bottom. All other garments are best folded in the usual way. For example, to prevent the shirt from wrinkling, it must be folded evenly and packed to the bottom of the suitcase.

6) Foldable Bags:

If you prefer to use multiple pieces of luggage, a foldable bag is a great addition. It fits easily into a suitcase or as carry-on luggage on board. In addition, you can go with it to the beach or on excursions, and on the way back use it to go shopping in the duty free zone.

7) Do not neglect simple safety rules:

Transport valuables only in carry-on luggage. The suitcase must be equipped with two identification tags, one of which must be inside in case the outer one comes off. This will ensure that your baggage will be returned to you. Write on it only the mobile phone number and the place where you plan to stay. Do not include your full home address - this will serve as a warning that you are away from home. The suitcase must be equipped with secure locks - in this case, the TSA lock integrated into the range of Samsonite models is the ideal choice for those planning to travel to the USA.

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