Samsonite Opened A New Store In Moscow

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Samsonite Opened A New Store In Moscow
Samsonite Opened A New Store In Moscow

Video: Samsonite Opened A New Store In Moscow

Video: Samsonite Opened A New Store In Moscow
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On June 30, 2011, Samsonite, the world leader in the production of luggage and travel accessories, opened a new brand salon in the largest shopping and entertainment center in Russia - Vegas. The new store became the 19th Samsonite outlet in Russia and the 13th in the capital.

Samsonite salon is located on the 1st floor of the shopping center. For the convenience of buyers, the premises with a total area of 57 m² are divided into several zones, which offer a wide selection of suitcases, bags and accessories for travelers.

The range of the salon includes the latest innovations - the innovative collection of the hard luggage category Cubelite and the sensationally light collection of soft luggage - B-Lite Fresh ™.

The creation of the Cubelite collection follows the success of the popular Cosmolite collection, which has won numerous awards and has become the bestseller in the European and American markets. This is the second collection to feature the ultra-lightweight Curv® material used exclusively by Samsonite for luggage. The 54 cm high 2-wheeled Cubelite suitcase weighs just 2.1 kg and is unmatched in durability.

Lovers of soft luggage will appreciate the innovative B-Lite Fresh ™ collection, presented in vibrant and intense colors. The new collection includes the lightest Samsonite suitcase to date: a 50 cm model on two wheels that you can take on board an aircraft weighs just 1.9 kg - even less than a 2 liter bottle of water!

Especially for active travelers, the store presents the new CordobDuo and SahorRegeneration collections, created using the unique Advanced Hybrid Technology (AHT), which combines the strength and reliability of hard suitcases with the lightness and capacity of soft luggage.

The store also sells traditional Samsonite collections, which have already won the hearts of many travelers - Cosmolite, B-Lite and Bright Lite.

In addition to suitcases and bags for travel, the store's assortment includes the youth collections Metatrack and Debyte, created for active city dwellers who value convenience and practicality above all. And especially for little travelers in the store there are backpacks like soft toys, suitcases and funny accessories from the children's collection Sammies Dreams.

The interior of the salon is distinguished by a stylish and minimalistic design in a corporate style. Soft beige and brown tones combined with light background music create a comfortable shopping environment.

About Vegas Shopping and Entertainment Center

The Vegas mall, located at the intersection of Kashirskoye shosse and the 24th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, is the largest shopping center in Russia with a total area of 400,000 m², as well as the country's first shopping mall, combined with an extreme amusement park. This is the only shopping center with an eighteen-meter Ferris wheel and the Fall Tower attraction in its enclosed space.

Just like the famous city, Moscow Vegas has it all: entertainment, attractions, shops and restaurants. 400,000 m² of amazing three-level zoned space, about 300 shops of a shopping gallery, hypermarkets, an amusement park, an ice arena, a Ferris wheel, a multiplex cinema. The interior solution provides for a unique concept of zoning, navigation, movement and decoration in the style of various ethnic cultures. The thematic zones, into which the mall is divided, allow you to get an unforgettable experience while traveling in Vegas.

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