Cosmolite - Suitcases Of The Future

Cosmolite - Suitcases Of The Future
Cosmolite - Suitcases Of The Future

Video: Cosmolite - Suitcases Of The Future

Video: Cosmolite - Suitcases Of The Future
Video: Samsonite - the making of Cosmolite Suitcases 2023, March

In its anniversary year, Samsonite has expanded its popular Cosmolite collection with a novelty in a luxurious gold color. The Cosmolite Gold model was released in a limited edition especially for the 100th anniversary of the company and symbolizes the primacy of the brand in the field of luggage production.

The new model joins the innovative Cosmolite collection, which this year received the highest expert marks and was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the 'Best of the Best 2010' category. The international jury of the competition recognized the design of the collection as the best among 4,200 announced nominees. This achievement was the perfect gift for the 100th anniversary celebrated this year by the world leader in luggage production.

The Red Dot Design Award is the largest, most authoritative and rigorous design competition, which selects winners in three categories: Product Design, Communication Design, and Design Concept.

The Red Dot Design Award is not the first prize awarded to the legendary Cosmolite collection. In 2009 she received the Belgian Henry Van De Velde Label for Most Innovative Design. The Cosmolite collection represents the solution to a seemingly impossible task: creating a stylish wheeled suitcase that combines the legendary Samsonite durability with amazing lightness.

Cosmolite - a collection of the lightest and most durable suitcases in the entire century of Samsonite. This is one of the first luggage lines created from the unique Curv® material, used in the production of body armor, skates and skis, and used for the production of luggage only by Samsonite. The essence of the technological process, patented by the company, is as follows: several layers of synthetic fabric of a special weaving are pressed into a single composite material. The embossed surface of Cosmolite suitcases, shaped like a seashell, not only looks elegant, but also perfectly protects the invaluable things of travelers. Stiffening ribs provide additional strength without thickening the material and reduce the likelihood of scratches. The lightweight, retractable spring-loaded handle, combined with the smart pocket, allows you to stow extra luggage on your suitcase in a stable manner. All suitcases are equipped with a built-in TSA combination lock, zippered divider and identification tag.

The indisputable quality of Cosmolite suitcases is confirmed by numerous tests for strength and resistance to deformation - they are dropped 25 times in a row from a height of 0.6 m, including at a temperature of minus 12 degrees; and they are also placed in a centrifuge with metal and wooden obstacles, onto which they fall at high speed at different angles while rotating for 50 circles - thus simulating the real conditions of baggage handling. Cosmolite is the only Samsonite suitcase that does not deform even when dropped from a height of 120 cm. All body elements are carefully checked - locks and zippers are fastened and unfastened from 5,000 to 15,000 times in a row, and the durability of the wheels is checked on a conveyor belt with obstacles and irregularities on stretch of 32 km.

The amazing properties of suitcases are confirmed by commercials - an acrobat jumping with a suitcase, not only demonstrates its lightness, but also amazing flexible strength - any dents disappear before our eyes and the case takes its original shape. More than convincing!

From July 6 to August 1, 2010, Cosmolite suitcases will be on display at the Red Dot Design museum at the Zeche Zollverein cultural complex in Essen, Germany. After that, the collection will be on display at the museum on an ongoing basis for at least a year.

The Cosmolite collection can be purchased in Samsonite stores at prices ranging from 15,200 (beauty case) to 29,900 (largest suitcase) rubles. The collection is available in red, blue, silver and black.

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