Charity Evening At The Estet Jewelry House

Charity Evening At The Estet Jewelry House
Charity Evening At The Estet Jewelry House

Video: Charity Evening At The Estet Jewelry House

Video: Charity Evening At The Estet Jewelry House
Video: 20th Anniversary of Estet jewelry House 2023, May

On June 30, the Estet Jewelry House, for which charitable events and actions have become an integral part of its business image, hosted a charity evening organized jointly with the ImageON communications agency with the support of the Life Line Foundation.

The purpose of the event is to raise funds for operations for children with serious illnesses. During the evening, a charity drawing took place.

The Estet Jewelry House presented as one of the lots a unique item from the Safari collection, created in cooperation with its American partner, the famous Bergio brand. This collector's piece is crafted in 18-carat yellow gold and adorned with 29 pure diamonds. The white gold chain continues to shimmer with diamonds, which is one of the designer's distinctive features.

The head of the Bergio brand, Berj Abajian, flew to the charity event from New York to personally present his product during the drawing. He enjoyed considerable media attention that evening, generously commenting on his participation in charitable projects, as well as talking about the fruitful collaboration of the Bergio brand with the Estet Jewelry House and the creation of joint collections. Guests watched some of these collections in the luxurious showcases of the Estet Jewelry House, where the event took place.

The concert program of the evening was opened by the performance of the famous children's group "Fidgets", which once presented to the domestic show business Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov, as well as members of the Tatu group.

Snezhina Kulova, the face of the Trendy program on MTV, as well as singer Maria Skobeleva, surprised the guests with her vocal skills.

During the evening, guests were able to enjoy a colorful show by designer Elena Teplitskaya and a mesmerizing performance by professional dancers Marina Zhdanova and Viktor Golubkov.

The evening ended with an enchanting show from the famous designer Alexandra Serova. The guests of the event witnessed a unique event: the participants of the project "Top Model in Russian" and famous divas of show business, in particular: Margarita Chelmakova (VJ MUZ-TV), Emilia Vishnevskaya, Elena Maksimova, appeared on one stage as part of the show. (ex-Reflex).

The evening was also attended by: Elena Lenskaya, Alex Voice, Artem Korolev, Elena Teplitskaya, Arina Perchik, Daria Konovalova ("Beauty of Russia - 2010"), Oksana Ustinova, Yulia Antontseva and many others.

The event was supported by: Anderson family confectionery chain, Macallan and Ruinart alcohol brands, AquaLeader Sofiysky Rodnik company, Night Frank elite real estate agency, En Vogue beauty salon, Prive professional hair cosmetics line and Revital sanatorium, Orimi Trade trading company … In the course of the charity drawing, part of the lots were purchased by patrons of the arts who were in the hall, whose names are not advertised.

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