Obuv.Com Brand Presents Autumn Advertising Campaign

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Obuv.Com Brand Presents Autumn Advertising Campaign
Obuv.Com Brand Presents Autumn Advertising Campaign
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The autumn collection of the chain of footwear and accessories stores reflects such trends of the season as: minimalism, 60s, glam-rock.


By completely eliminating buckles and all kinds of prints, the emphasis of the image is focused on the shape of the sole. It can be a classic wedge heel, a sophisticated heel or an almost flat sole in a masculine style.

You can complement this look with the help of bags of classic forms of restrained shades, clutch-envelopes, bulk tote bags and shopper bags.


Convenience, color and geometry. Women's boots with low heels and, of course, stoles with prints and optical effects in the style of the 60s, massive jewelry. Compact handbags of the correct shape.

" Glam - Rock " and biker style.

The collection includes “heavy” grunge-style shoes that unexpectedly easily includes the image of a glamorous rebel who lives by her own laws. Jewelry in the shape of crosses, metal fittings and leather bracelets. The most striking addition to the rebellious style will help bags with spikes and zippers of various shapes from clutches to backpacks trendy in the coming season.

The central palette of the collection is natural shades, which is also reflected in the concept of shooting. It is a completely urban style with brick buildings, large windows and industrial buildings. This is the style of the city in which one wants not only to work, but also to walk, spend time with friends and build a personal life.

The creative team of the brand also identified the future buyers of the collection - these are young professionals who need not only to feel comfortable in their chosen footwear, but at the same time, it must meet the latest trends.

Information about Obuv.Com

Federal chain of stores, the main direction of which is the sale of stylish footwear and accessories at low prices. The company's specialists are constantly working to improve the range, thanks to which Obuv. Com helps to find the perfect solution for each new image of our Client.

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