LOCUST Autumn-winter 2014-15

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LOCUST Autumn-winter 2014-15
LOCUST Autumn-winter 2014-15
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Rock and roll has become one of the themes of the collection of the new Italian brand Locust for the fall-winter 2014/15 season: the models are made mainly in black and beige and cream tones, with the use of animal motifs. The garments are finished with rhinestones, metallic rivets and leather-style details. Not without T-shirts with original prints, so necessary in any wardrobe.

In the collection of the Locust brand - blouses, skirts, tunics - they are always in fashion and in the current season they are becoming more voluminous and longer. For lovers of smart casual and modern office style, there are dresses for every taste - from light and delicate knitted models to more extravagant ones with a large print and a pleated skirt. You will also be pleased with the excellent selection of outerwear, including jersey.

And, of course, the hit of every Locust collection is high-quality jeans! You can find the new autumn-winter collection of the Locust brand in full and exclusively only in the HC Leipzig department store.

Locust sales address in Moscow

st. Academician Vargi, 8/1, department store HC "Leipzig"

Tel. (495) 339 3277

History of the brand

In 1988, the farms of the state of Idaho (USA) were affected by a locust infestation. Farmers not only lost their crops, but even the clothes left outside the shelter suffered. Overalls made of cotton-hemp fabric, after the attack of insects, became whitish and frayed, bitten in several places. I had to wear such clothes - all funds were spent on rebuilding the farms. Meeting someone in unusual clothes, the question arose "what is this?" To which the short answer followed - "Locust", which means "Locust". A decade later, frayed and ripped denim clothing has become extremely popular around the world. One of the victims of the locust attack was the owner of a small cartel producing work clothes. The “spoiled” fabric lay in the warehouse for three years, until one of the tailors made several dozen pairs of jeans from it. Party "aged", "worn out" and, therefore,inexpensive pants was sold in record time. This is how the Italian brand Locust was born.

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