"Model Of The Year" Kate Moss Will Advertise Clothes By Israeli Designer

"Model Of The Year" Kate Moss Will Advertise Clothes By Israeli Designer
"Model Of The Year" Kate Moss Will Advertise Clothes By Israeli Designer
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"Model of the Year" Kate Moss, who won the prestigious British Fashion Awards this year in the European fashion industry and was recognized by the British women's magazine Grazi as the most stylishly dressed celebrity of 2006, will advertise the clothes of the fashionable Israeli designer Galit Levy, NEWSru Israel reports with reference to the Maariv newspaper.

Levy, one of Israel's most famous fashion designers, recently opened two new stores in the United States specializing in the sale of evening dresses. After lengthy negotiations the other day in New York, an agreement was signed with agent Moss. Pictures of the model in dresses from Galit Levy are expected in the coming weeks.

Levy's career began about ten years ago. In addition to two stores that opened last month in New York and Los Angeles, Galit plans to open branches in Israel in the coming months. The day before, a catalog of wedding dresses was released for Tel Aviv stores.

Galit Levy has not yet commented on this information, but in her office the fact of Kate Moss's participation in the fashion designer's advertising campaign was confirmed. It is not yet known where exactly Moss's foreign photo session will take place, but it is known for sure that she is not going to come to Israel.

Note that the 32-year-old model Moss, who is expecting a baby, has been among the top stars of the modeling business for 15 years, her capital is about $ 50 million in securities. She became famous as a 14-year-old girl in the 80s of the last century, her talent was discovered thanks to the famous photographer Corinne Day.

This year, the American magazine Vanity Fair put Kate Moss at the top of the list of well-dressed stars and put her on the cover of its September issue. On the cover of Vanity Fair, Kate Moss appeared in a white fur hat, long white gloves and high dark boots.

We will remind, in the fall of last year, a cocaine scandal broke out with Kate Moss and Pete Dougherty. Then the Daily Mirror published secretly taken photographs of Kate Moss allegedly sniffing cocaine in a recording studio in West London, where she was with Dougherty.

Moss started dating rock star Pete Dougherty recently. It was during the recording session of his group Babyshambles that photographs were taken, published by the Daily Mirror, as proof that she was using a drug.

The supermodel found the courage not only to admit her mistakes and apologize to everyone who could be affected by the scandal, but also urgently underwent drug addiction treatment at the famous American Meadows clinic, known for its strict rules that make no exceptions for the stars. In doing so, she made more money over the past year than ever before.

Pete Dougherty also tried, on the advice of his beloved, to be treated for drug addiction. However, he did not keep his promise to Kate to complete the full course and fled from the Meadows clinic. According to some reports, Moss and Dougherty are back together and are even going to get married. However, a spokesman for Dougherty declined to comment on the rumors.

The "heroin beauty", as Kate is called in the fashion world, says that the worst year of her life - the time of drugs and endless discussions of her private life in the press - is finally over.


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