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Hairstyles For School (at The Request Of Visitors To The InterModa.Ru Forum) - Articles Archive
Hairstyles For School (at The Request Of Visitors To The InterModa.Ru Forum) - Articles Archive
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Due to circumstances, I have a limited number of pictures of Polina (this is my daughter:)) I chose where she is best seen - but the picture was taken a year ago, now she has long, below the shoulders, hair and no bangs. It's useless to talk about her haircut - she is totally convinced that princesses and barbies wear exceptionally long hair (and all her "fashionable" children's magazines, again, convince her of this). What else can I add - the hair is thin, soft, not thick, but not liquid either.

For Polina it is equally good with long hair and with bangs. If you decide to cut your bangs, then do not "pioneer", but a little asymmetrical, elongated along the oval of the face. And if Polina so wants to be like Barbie, by the way, because there is a Barbie with bangs, then, when growing hair once a month, cut and trim the ends. On September 1, you can gently twist the ends into rings, making the effect of slightly blossoming curls. And so that the hair does not get in the way - to make Polina or a high ponytail like a Hollywood Barbie or tie (like a headband) her hair with a ribbon like an English Barbie. The fact that the hair is soft and not thick is not a problem. After washing, add some volume to them with a warm jet of air from a hair dryer, when you curl the tips with a round comb and you can even fix them a little with a weak varnish.Just do not make Polina a very adult hairstyle, she has such glowing childish eyes - emphasize it with the lightness of the hairstyle. Let her hair develop easily in the sun on September 1, as well as her light look and charming smile!

I believe that children should also be dressed and combed tastefully. Girls should not walk through life in school with pigtails and donuts, but grow up with a Soviet "bundle". In the West, children have been dyed and hairstyled for a long time and they know that each family member should have their own shampoo. The whole family should not share the same shampoo. The child should have their own shampoo, balm, comb. I am often asked about coloring and hairstyles for children - should I do it or not? Why not? Of course, only taking into account children's hair! If you decide to dye, then choose options for highlighting, and not all hair. The fact is that coloring for children and adults are completely different things. For children, a sparing percentage is made and painted in "natural" colors.The most popular is lightening and pushing back the strands as the effect of summer hair faded in the sun. Imagine your child on September 1, tanned after summer and with a fashionable hairstyle and radiant strands. Just do not make contrasting strands - literally half a tone. A neat comfortable haircut, bangs that do not interfere with writing and reading and running on walks and clean healthy hair - that's beauty. Baby hair is very delicate and soft. It is this tenderness and silkiness that needs to be emphasized. Naturalness and radiance that comes from our children. By September 1, discard the huge bows larger than the head. Weave better ribbons and make beautiful ponytails or unusual weaving from one pigtail to another instead of boring nights from which there is no beauty, but only one headache for children. If you are afraid or not sure about the salon,now there are so many colored strands on clothespins for girls to choose from. Add colored or braided strands, fluffy ponytails to your hairstyles … it's beautiful.


As for babies: It's okay that babies now have runny hair. These are the actual firsts. Over time, everything becomes normal. Never cut your children to zero! What for? It won't beautify her or help her hair! Moreover, sometimes such experiments with children's hair lead to damage to the hair follicles. Why do you need such problems from childhood? If you want to give your baby hair a shape, just get a neat haircut! And if you do not want to drastically shorten the length, then trim the ends a little - this is useful for everyone as a prophylaxis in order to keep the hair, especially the ends healthy.

May your children always be beautiful, healthy and happy.

Congratulations to all children and parents on September 1

Always yours, Sergey Zverev

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