34th Competition Of Young Fashion Designers "Exercise". Part 1 - Intermod.Ru

34th Competition Of Young Fashion Designers "Exercise". Part 1 - Intermod.Ru
34th Competition Of Young Fashion Designers "Exercise". Part 1 - Intermod.Ru

Within the framework of the 41st Federal Fair of Goods and Equipment for the Textile and Light Industry "Textillegprom"

September 24, 2013, Moscow, VVC, pavilion 69

Mission of the project "Exercise": identification, development and presentation of human resources for the fashion industry. The only Russian youth project that takes place in the format of fashion weeks with the presentation of seasonal collections.

Conditions of participation in the Competition: collections of prêt-a-porter and prêt-a-porter de luxe clothing models of the spring-summer 2014 season are presented. Collections are presented for the first time (?) By one or two authors from 5-7 units.

Nominations of the Competition: “youth clothing”, “men's clothing”, “business clothing”, “little dress”, “denim clothing”.

The competition is attended by: 51 designers, 46 collections from Russian cities: Voronezh, Volzhsky, Yelets, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Kursk, Krasnodar, Moscow, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Pyatigorsk, Penza, Podolsk, Rostov-on-Don, Smolensk, Severodvinsk, Togliatti, Chelyabinsk, Chernogolovka, Shakht as well as Spain (Madrid), Belarus (Minsk), Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Kazakhstan (Astana).

Grand Prix of the Competition: monetary awards from Roslegprom OJSC, RLP-Yarmarka LLC, F5 company, UNSEN Textile company, Veshch! and Project Exercise.

The main prize in each nomination of the Competition is “Golden Model”, the author of the statuette is designer Lyudmila Karnaukhova.

This was the official release of the Exercise competition. The Intermod.ru portal invites you to see the works of the contestants.

1. Month of Cyrus. Moscow. National Research University (MPEI) Humanitarian and Applied Institute. Heart of white. Nomination "youth clothing"

2. Stepanova Alexandra. Moscow. Moscow Art and Industrial Institute. Oxford-street. Nomination "youth clothing"

3. Sheldunov Andrey. Kursk. GOU VPO Kursk State University. Warriors of the forest. Nomination "men's clothing". Winner of competition.

4. Kraynyak Ekaterina. Moscow. GBOU SPO Technological College № 14. From Russia with love. Nomination "youth clothing"

5. Adriana Bychkova, Elena Liman. Chelyabinsk. Russian-British Institute of Management. Look at the ocean. Nomination "youth clothing"

6. Abdyrasulova Aisanat. Bishkek. GOU VPO Kyrgyz-Russian Slovenian University. Dreams about Scotland. Nomination "youth clothing"

7. Osipova Maria, Kondrat Maria. Murmansk. GAOU MO SPO Murmansk College of Technology. QuiltEssence. Nomination "men's clothing"

8. Shaposhnikova Yulia. Ivanovo. Ivanovo Textile Institute FGBOU VPO Ivanovo State Polytechnic University. Expression of the metropolis. Nomination "youth clothing"

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10. Aldebeneva Anastasia. Moscow. Moscow Art and Industrial Institute. The exact freshness. Nomination "men's clothing"

12. Mukhacheva Anna. Krasnodar. FSBEI HPE Kuban State University. Partly cloudy. Nomination "youth clothing"

14. Pyrkova Olga. Voronezh. MBOU DOD TsDOD "Sozvezdie" structural subdivision of arts and crafts Fashion Studio "Style". Cosmo. Nomination "youth clothing"

13. Kononova Tatiana. Severodvinsk. NOU VPO Institute of Fashion, Design and Technology. House with the ghosts. Nomination "youth clothing"

15. Babadzhanyan Margarit. Moscow. GOU VPO Moscow Regional State University. Tango de soie. Nomination "youth clothing"

17. Smolonogina Elina. Petrozavodsk. MOU DOD Palace of creativity of children and youth in Petrozavodsk. Incognita. Nomination "youth clothing"

16. Rakhova Nadezhda. Smolensk. FGBOU VPO Smolensk State University. Midas. Nomination "youth clothing"

18. Kolyada Lyubov. Krasnodar. FSBEI HPE Kuban State University. Fashion without rules. Nomination "men's clothing"

19. Samko Madina. Dace. YSU named after I. A. Bunina. Flow. Nomination "youth clothing"

20. Filippova Vitalina. Ivanovo. Ivanovo Textile Institute FGBOU VPO Ivanovo State Polytechnic University. Field of Mars. Nomination "youth clothing"