News From The Magical Land Of Arlandia! - Independent News

News From The Magical Land Of Arlandia! - Independent News
News From The Magical Land Of Arlandia! - Independent News

- Did you know that in the Middle Ages, special "singing" floors were built in the defensive towers of Japan? When walking, they made sounds reminiscent of nightingale singing, and no spy could sneak into the tower unnoticed.

This and 41 more interesting facts from history, science, literature and folk legends await their young and mature readers on the pages of the AR books Devar kids (AR, Augmented Reality). You just need to update the free application Devar kids to the latest version (available on Google Play and AppStore) and on each page of the "Arland" book there will be special crystals, collecting which, the reader will receive an interesting fact about the character or the world around him. New knowledge awaits all children in 5 DK coloring books: "Lilac Island", "Enchanted Cliff", "Mysterious Forest", "Lost Farm", "Magic Valley". New opportunities are also available for children who already have books from the series, they just need to update the application and look at their book in a new way.

Devar kids creates books made with the use of augmented reality technology for children, trying to constantly expand the functionality and information richness of their collections. AR books differ from ordinary books in that the images here can "come to life" using the Devar kids application and the camera of a mobile device: you need to go into the application, select the desired coloring, enter the secret code from its back cover and point the camera at the sheet so that it completely entered the frame. Then the camera will read the picture and a 3D image will appear on the screen.

But that is not all! All the heroes of Devar kids have their own characteristics, each has its own program, which he executes without any additional commands, and there are special talents that he can show if asked (see each page separately). The game with the application is fully adapted for children and is intuitive for everyone. But the most important thing is that the entire animation of "live" coloring pages by Devar kids is filled with useful information for the little reader, which he perceives more easily and effectively in the format of a game or a cartoon. Devar kids does not separate play from the learning process, thereby helping a child from an early age to get carried away with the process of learning about our vast and full of possibilities of the world.

Magic crystals of knowledge will also appear in the books of the "Living Coloring" series: "Wizards", "Pirates and Knights", "Getting to Know the Professions".

- It is interesting that parrots, like people, are subdivided into right-handers and left-handers. If they take a piece of food in their left paw, then they are left-handed, respectively, in the right - right-handed.

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